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Aaron Takel (BEd’16)

Nov 01, 2016
Aaron Takel
Aaron Takel

Connection Magazine -Spring 2018

Aaron Takel started studying at King’s in September 2013. He took additional classes to qualify for the Education After-Degree because his undergraduate degree was from Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK. He started the Secondary Education After-Degree program in September 2014 and graduated in April 2016.

Here is his story:

Before attending King’s, I looked at a couple of different options in the Edmonton area. The first thing that stood King’s apart from the other universities was the welcoming and very helpful work by the student services staff. I cannot praise their work enough; they made the registration process very easy. With a previous job I spent a lot of time in schools coaching, and all of the teachers I spoke to around the province recommended the King’s Education program.  

After graduating I was offered a job with Rugby Canada to work towards the 2019 Rugby World Cup. I am on the coaching staff of the senior men’s team as a Performance Analyst, based in Langford on Vancouver Island. I work with the other coaches and players to understand their athletic performance using video, GPS, statistics and analytics. I work day to day with a group of 16 players at our Centre of Excellence and I also travel with the team to games. I will have visited 7 countries between May and December 2016!

Much of my current job involves working with people in a pressured learning environment, much like a classroom in a school. I lead meetings which involve presenting information and getting players to work in groups. The King’s Education program equipped me with a number of methods and strategies to help me with this.

The best thing about Kings was the sense of community. This was such an intentional strategy by the King’s staff… and it worked! The size of the classes and the amount of time spent with my peers and the staff really allowed everyone to get to know each other and feel comfortable in the learning community. It made learning so much easier and more enjoyable.

I wish I could have been more involved in the extracurricular events at Kings or maybe even play on one of the sports teams. Unfortunately during my time at King’s I was running my own coaching business and had too many other commitments to make that possible. I used to see the students that played on the King’s sports teams and they looked like they always had so much fun together whether it was playing, practicing or studying together outside the gym.

I would encourage first year students to become part of the King’s community, and get to know the staff as well as you can. They have so much to offer because they genuinely care about you. I will miss my cohort and staff from the Education program and I can’t wait for a reunion in the future!