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Carlene Groen (BSC‘10)

Nov 06, 2018
Carlene Groen
Carlene Groen

Connection Magazine - Fall 2017

Who would have thought that working 10 hours a week shelving books at the King’s library would lead me to work as a reference librarian in the Department of Science and Technology at the Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan? My job is to help students and faculty to find and evaluate science information from books, articles, movies, audio, maps, and data. I then help turn that information into new knowledge by aiding the communication of science through publishing, conference posters,
presentations, and more.

I directly correlate my desire to work internationally from the experience I gained at King’s through the Honduras Water Project and an Environmental Studies internship in Costa Rica. I also attribute my entering the education field to the King’s culture of openness to exploring new ideas and the many conversations with faculty and my fellow classmates on topics of community development, democracy, and freedom of information. 

I pursued these ideas more through a part-time online Master’s of Information in community informatics while working at a library in Qatar, studying how libraries can use information and technology for community development. Starting in September, I will begin a Master’s of Environmental Practice.

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