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Katelynn Madill-Thomsen (BSC’15)

Nov 06, 2018
Katelynn Madill-Thomsen with her husband Benjamin Thomsen
Katelynn Madill-Thomsen with her husband Benjamin Thomsen

Connection Magazine - Spring 2017

In 2008 I chose to study Chemistry at King's because I wanted to learn at a smaller university. My learning style is to ask a lot of questions, discuss topics, and learn hands-on. I wanted to know
the theory behind scientific instruments and then actually use them! The labs were bright and cheerful, the staff are lovely, and the professors genuinely care about the learning outcomes and
long term success of their students. It was definitely the right choice. I can honestly say I had a wonderful time while completing my undergraduate degree at King’s.

As a student, I initially spent a lot of time in the library but started getting more involved with the Commuter Student Program. I gained so many close friends through commuter events—friendships
I still have. I specifically remember my first barn dance. I was invited last minute and spontaneously decided to go. I've always been glad that I did! Witty and the commuter program made such a difference to my overall experience at King’s that I applied as a Commuter Program Assistant my last year.

I’ve recently entered graduate studies for a Master of Science in Medicine at the University of Alberta. My project focuses on molecular studies and inflammation using microarrays. I eventually
plan to switch to a Ph.D. program and pursue a career in research, either in the private sector or in healthcare. 

My time at King’s made me more confident in my learning abilities, more outgoing, more determined, more assertive, and changed my original career path entirely. I would not have thought to apply for graduate school or go into a research-based career if I had not been encouraged to do so by my academic advisors. I'm so grateful to them for seeing potential in me and pointing it out!

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