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Lisa Martin (BA‘00)

Nov 06, 2018
Lisa Martin (Photo Credit: Fish Griwkowsky)
Lisa Martin (Photo Credit: Fish Griwkowsky)

Connection Magazine - Fall 2017

When I started my degree at King’s (more than 20 years ago), I was an intellectually curious young person who had grown up inside of Christian fundamentalism. I found my way to King’s because I was drawn by the offer of academically rigorous yet faith-based inquiry. For me, King’s was a deeply hospitable place to explore which of my inherited beliefs I wanted to retain, and which I wanted to let go, in the light of deeper inquiry. 

My new collection of poetry, Believing is not the same as Being Saved (University of Alberta Press, 2017), is an extension of that work I did as a student of philosophy and literature during my time at King’s. The poems in this book seek the kind of lyric truth that lives in paradox, in the dwelling together of seeming opposites— such as life and death, love and loss, faith and doubt, joy and sorrow.

My time at King’s was deeply intellectually and personally formative. King’s is a special place, where many people are committed to social and environmental justice and to the search for meaning. Find those people and learn from them and with them. Never-mind program requirements or degree timelines, what do you most urgently want to understand about the world, and yourselves, and the people around you, while you are here?

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