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Mychele Joyes (BA‘11)

Nov 06, 2018
Mychele Joyes
Mychele Joyes

Connection Magazine - Fall 2018

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics - History - Economics in 2011. 

I chose to study at King’s after attending a King’s View weekend where I stayed in the dorms. The amazing community experience and the fact I got to attend a class in my discipline the next day and was asked to participate made me want my university experience to be a King’s experience. 

I’m currently a manager of transportation safety policy for the Government of Alberta’s Department of Transportation. This means I lead policy development initiatives, including law development, which help to reduce serious injuries and deaths on roads in Alberta. I’m also working on my Masters of Public Administration through the University of Victoria. King’s taught me there are multiple perspectives and values that guide how people interact with the world, which is critical to fully understanding policy issues and how they impact people differently. This understanding of different perspectives and values helps me do my job better.

At King’s, I appreciated the small class sizes. The professors could really challenge us, which helped me learn and grow. 

Many of my favourite King’s moments were participating in community life events, like Rez Rumble, dances, and an outdoor movie. They enabled me to connect with friends and just have fun. I remember playing a game where we were given a paper clip and a couple hours to try and trade it into something bigger and better—we ended up with a couch!

 My advice is to use the flexibility King’s offers to explore your interests. Take time to meet people and get experiences relevant to the industry you want to enter after graduation.

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