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Wesley Verbeek (BSC ‘15)

Nov 06, 2018
Wesley Verbeek
Wesley Verbeek

Connection Magazine - Fall 2018

I studied Chemistry and graduated in 2015. Now I’m in medical school at the University of Alberta.

At King’s, I learned how to think critically, solve problems, make ethical choices, love others, and consider the systemic injustices in the world that contribute to the things I do and the decisions I
make every day. This learning was fostered through great time and energy on the part of my instructors. Taking this with me into medicine, I hope to provide care that is of the best quality, always up to date, and as personalized as possible. I want to be a person who values and loves the individual, is patient with and compassionate to them, and never forgets to consider their context when helping them decide what is best for them. 

King’s is a place where you can experience what it really means to be grounded in love: where others love you as you are, where you learn what it means to understand others as they are, and where your diversities empower you to explore the world and bring out the best in it. 

The wisdom harvested from my time at King’s is unique and provides a perspective not commonly seen in people who haven’t had a King’s experience. Every so often I’ll have a moment where I do something uniquely ‘Kingsey’ and I cherish these moments.

Don’t rush your time at King’s. It’s special, and you’ll miss it dearly when it’s over, especially those of you who, like me, are likely to spend much of your King’s time stressing about getting into the professional program you’d like to afterwards. Don’t stress, don’t rush. Enjoy where you are right now. It’s a special place, and the more you invest and engage in it the more beautiful things you will learn. 

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