Your gift to King’s is an investment in God’s kingdom, our students, and in a local and global community.

The actions we take today will determine our future. Our Christian worldview stems from the belief that God is the author of all life. Your gifts enable us to build on our strengths, better serve our community and country, and fulfil our global mission as an institution of faith and learning.

Dr. Melanie Humphreys,
President, The King's University

King’s provides the highest value Christian post-secondary education in Canada. Our challenge, is this: our very limited government funding and our tuition revenues do not meet all the costs of operating an extraordinary university. Approximately 20% of funding must come from charitable donations. This is why your support is essential.

Your gifts help fund:

  • programs
  • faculty and student research
  • scholarships
  • campus improvements
  • student services
  • experiential learning

With your help, King's can continue to be both affordable and accessible to more students who will benefit from King's transformational experience. Your support is an investment in a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

Over the years, we’ve experienced a great deal of joy and satisfaction in supporting King’s. We feel blessed knowing that our gifts to King’s help provide a future for Christian university education in Canada.

Gerald & Joanne Voogd,
Parents of alumni