Your gift helps others to pursue a better world

Keith Feldbusch (B.Comm. ’18) graduated from the Bachelor of Commerce program at The King’s University this past spring. During his time as a student, the scholarships he received made all the difference and allowed him to continue his studies.

“As a mature student with a wife and two children, scholarships are far more than just an added bonus or a little extra money in my pocket. Scholarships made my education possible. I don’t know how we would have been able to make it through the four years of studies without the multiple scholarships I received. It is very likely that, without the generosity of donors who make these scholarships available, I would not have been able to graduate from King’s this year,” Keith says.

Even though Keith was blessed by donor-funded scholarships, so many students at King’s go without crucial financial support. King’s needs your help to make more scholarships and bursaries available. These awards profoundly impact a student’s journey to and through King’s. It is easy to say you cannot put a price on education, but the reality is there does come a time when a very real dollar amount is in front of a student. Will you help ease the financial burden by making a gift to the Scholarship Fund today?

Imagine you are a student. You work tirelessly throughout the school year, keeping up with classes and extracurricular activities. The energy and passion you pour into academics and other involvements develop a well-rounded education and many work and life experiences, improving your eligibility for scholarships and bursaries. You study hard with this goal in sight; however, you are torn between priorities. Both your grades and your part-time job to pay for school and living expenses need your constant attention.

Then you head into a well-deserved summer break. You’ve settled into your summer job, yet you’re still thinking about school. You find yourself wondering if your hourly wage will be enough to cover the cost of your next academic year, so you work tirelessly to pay your upcoming tuition.

Imagine the mental and physical load that could be lifted from students with the availability of more scholarships and bursaries. They could focus their efforts on academics and community. Will you make a donation to create relief and support for students?

Student Keith Feldbusch
Keith Feldbusch

“The other reality we must consider at King’s is that tuition costs are higher than most other post-secondary institutions in Alberta,” Keith adds. “The generosity of donors is a powerful equalizer for students who might not otherwise be able to afford what King’s has to offer. The programs, professors, and quality of education at King’s are, I believe, among the highest out there. These scholarships help bring this quality, and the Kingdom focus that is integral to King’s, within reach of those who might not otherwise be able.”

God is our Creator and Saviour. Bringing glory to His name through our service to students and our community is the reason we exist. Preparing and equipping people for lives of faithful service as they pursue God’s calling for their lives is central in all that we do. Cost should not keep a student from attending King’s. Every dollar donated to the Scholarship Fund is used to create better access to the faith-enriching, transformative university experience that King’s offers.

Meredith Holmes, Manager of Student Finance and Scholarships, sees God’s goodness and faithfulness to students through donor-funded scholarships and bursaries: “I see so many students who want a Christ-centred education but struggle to make it work. I love telling them we can help them because of the generosity of our donors. I see Christ’s love and power in those gifts.”

Please prayerfully consider how you can contribute to the Scholarship Fund. On behalf of the students you impact, and all the staff and faculty at The King’s University, thank you for advancing God’s Kingdom by supporting and encouraging Christian university education.

Allen Verbeek - Associate VP, Enrolment Management and Registrar 
Shannon Tuininga - Director of Development