Your gift helps others to pursue a better world

What comes to mind when you think of pursuing a better world? Do you think of your city? Maybe you think of your province. Do you think outside of country borders? Our aspiration at The King’s University is that our mission, by way of our students and alumni, would reach to all these places and beyond!

King’s students pursue a better world in their classrooms and labs, in the hallways, in residence, and everywhere their passions take them. Our alumni continue to embrace this mission and carry out our vision to be a Christian university serving to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

But you know, we don’t pursue a better world alone. We pursue a better world together. You are also pursuing a better world for tomorrow when you make a gift to the Stewardship Fund, and I am asking you to do that today.

As Board Chair, I have the privilege of meeting some of our students,your gifts allow students like Claire Brandenbarg (B.A. ’19) to learn to pursue a better world both inside and outside of the classroom. Claire recognizes where the two worlds meet saying, “King’s values not only in-class exploration of concepts such as justice and mindfulness but also exemplifies them through practicing community life.”

Community life is exactly what Yestin Montalbo (B.A. ’19) is building through his leadership roles and extracurricular activities at King’s. Yestin, an International Student Assistant, organizes opportunities for cultural diversity at King’s to shine, all in pursuit of a better, more humane, and just world.

“Through the King’s community, I have learned what it means to truly love others as ourselves. It is to listen to the marginalized and to do my part in the struggle. My future is to love God and my neighbours,” Yestin says. Yestin’s involvement helps him complete the picture of his King’s experience which would not be the same without your gifts.

Your donations also impact Grace Bigazi (B.A. ’20), a Politics, History, and Economics student, as she strives to advocate for refugees. She says, “Through my educational journey, King’s has given me the freedom to explore and understand the tangibility of Jesus within politics and the world around me as much as it has taught me to graciously deal with the essential, yet flawed, beloved church that is you and I.”

Your gifts are a critical element to support our students during their educational journey in pursuit of their God-given calling. Interdisciplinary Christian university education shapes our alumni to be the kind of individuals who pursue a better world beyond our campus after their time at King’s.

Dustin Horvat (B.Sc. ’18), an Indigenous Student Leader at King’s, is the kind of advocate for a better world we hope our alumni to be. He reflects on his time at King’s saying, “I cannot fully express the profound impact my studies have had on my Christian worldview, identity, and character. Soon I will become a King’s alumnus, and I hope to use these tools to aid my leadership and stewardship activities towards a path of reconciliation for the Indigenous people of Canada.”

Your donation gives students like Claire, Yestin, Grace, and Dustin the opportunity to continue to pursue a better world, each in their own unique way. Your generosity empowers King’s to be a community that pursues a better world together.

Gifts of all sizes to the Stewardship Fund enhance diverse learning opportunities at King’s. Will you play a part in pursuing a better world for our students by making a donation today?

Thank you for your support,

Bill Lodewyk
Chair, Board of Governors

P.S. You can have an ongoing impact on the student experience at King’s with a monthly commitment by giving online.