The Foundation remains committed to its objective of being an independent financial support for King’s. It does this most effectively by increasing its membership.

Potential members are approached and interviewed by Foundation members or the Executive Director. No specific criteria for membership has ever been laid down by the Board of Directors but, generally, those proposed for membership are expected to have the following attributes:

  • A desire to support King’s at various levels, including financial.
  • Leadership experience in church and other communities.
  • A desire and willingness to continue promoting King’s mission and ministry.
  • The ability to contribute at least $1,200 (annual membership donation) and a commitment to support, either directly or with the help of associates, the Foundation’s various financial objectives.
  • A commitment to attend the Annual General Meeting, circumstances permitting.
  • A willingness to serve as Director or member of the Foundation Committee, circumstances permitting.

Become a member
Print and fax the Membership Application Form to 780-465-3534, attention Marta Gomez.

If you wish to have your Foundation membership contribution automatically withdrawn from your account, please fill out the Membership Dues - Automatic Fund Transfer Form and return to Marta Gomez at the contact information on the form.

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