I.S. Evening Lecture

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

5:30-9:00 p.m. 

We encourage you to join us for the entirety of our two day Interdisciplinary Conference, however we would love to host you for an evening lecture and an additional special dinner meant just for Alumni and local clergy!

Idols at IKEA: The Gospel of Consumerism - Dr. Neal DeRoo

Is it possible to be a Christian and consumerist at the same time? What about a Christian and a Muslim at the same time? For most Christians, the first option is possible (perhaps even necessary, in our culture), while the second is not possible: Islam and Christianity are competing religions so to choose one is necessarily to not choose the other, while consumerism is more social than religious so it doesn’t necessarily conflict with Christianity.
In this talk, Dr. Neal DeRoo will ask us to rethink consumerism as a spiritual problem, not just a social one. Highlighting the "gospel" that is at work in consumerism, he will try to show that the messages inherent in consumerism are distortions of the gospel of Jesus, and so do not fit with Christianity particularly well. He will end by highlighting two areas where this rival gospel has affected how we live our lives: first, how we buy things; and second, how we think about church.