Spring/Summer Term

The King’s University accepts prospective students for Spring Term admission. If a student has already applied for Fall Term admission, they may register in Spring Term courses without re-applying.

Students who only apply for Spring Term admission will need to re-apply using the general application process if they wish to become a continuing student for the fall or winter terms.

Spring Term is divided into two sessions of three weeks, each beginning in May. Students may apply to either Spring One or Spring Two. Only one application is necessary and students do not need to reapply between spring sessions.

The deadline to enroll in Spring One is April 27, 2021. The deadline for Spring Two is May 17, 2021. For information on course prerequisites, contact King's Admissions department.

Interested in applying for the Spring Term?

Spring Term 1 - beginning May 3, 2021

Spring Term 2 - beginning May 24, 2021