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Volleyball Provincials Begin This Week!

​Both the Volleyball teams are off to provincials this week.

Men will be playing at NAIT so be sure to go and support them live!

Women will be playing in Red Deer at RDC! A live stream will be held in the Level beginning Thursday. Here is the schedule:

Women's Provincial Schedule: Click Here

Men's Provincial Schedule: Click Here

Both teams will begin their tournament at 1:00pm this Thursday February 25th

22 2014-15 Eagles Earn CCAA National Scholar Award

Sept. 16, 2015 -- The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association is pleased to announce the National Scholar Award recipients for the 2014-15 season.

The National Scholar Award is designed to recognize the outstanding academic accomplishments of CCAA student-athletes. To be recognized, a student-athlete must achieve honours standing at their institution in the current academic year. From last year’s 94 CCAA member-institutions, 819 student-athletes were awarded the prestigious honour in their pursuit of academic and athletic excellence.

Congratulations to all the recipients of the CCAA National Scholar Award!


Click Here for Full List of Recipients

King's Alumnus Travels to Germany with AIA

Julie Heavenor (WBB, 2010-2013) teamed up with Athletes In Action (AIA) traveling to Germany on July 30-August 16, 2015. Over the Course of the week Julie and her fellow coaches brought laughter and play to refugee camps all over Germany, housing refugees from Syria, Albania, Bosnia, Moldova, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Click Here to see more info!

Curling, Coach Andrea Procter Coming to King's!

Beginning Fall 2015 Coach Andrea Procter will head the Eagles newest sport: Curling. beginning as a demonstration sport, and given enough student interest, we hope to participate at the ACAC level in future years.

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Parents Weekends/Home Opener Weekends Announced

This year's parents weekend games are officially announced! Parents weekends are held to honor the parents of our athletes. Without them, our athletes would not be where they are today! Parents weekend are held on the first home game weekends of each sport.


The following dates/times are for our ‘Home Openers’ with a Parent Meal:

Sport Date Location Time
Soccer Saturday September 12, 2015 The Level Coffeehouse Brunch Served @ 9:30am
Volleyball Saturday October 17, 2015 The Level Coffeehouse Pasta Served @ 3:30pm
Basketball Saturday October 24, 2015 The Level Coffeehouse Pasta Served @ 4:00pm
Badminton Saturday January 23, 2016 The Level Coffeehouse Breakfast Served @ 8:00am

Ogul Kaltakci Awarded Female Apprentice Coach Program

Ogul Kaltakci, assistant coach and apprentice to head coach Naeem Haque, will join Eagles Badminton Staff for the 2015-16 season.

“I am eager to coach at the college level,” said Kaltakci. “I believe this will be a great starting point for me to utilize my skills and experience.” Click HERE to read more