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Happy National Coffee Day!

Sep 29, 2015

Hi King’s Students,

Tuesday, September 29th is National Coffee Day! As a University student, you will come to love and appreciate this delightful beverage as it sees you through long nights of studying and early morning classes. To celebrate this wonderful day, let’s take a look at the best places in Edmonton to get your daily cup:

The Level Coffee House

Nestled in the far corner of King's campus, The Level Coffee House provides a cozy atmosphere to grab a hot beverage and chat with a friend, or curl up with the reading for a class that starts in ten minutes. It operates under the firm belief that fair, direct trade and environmentally friendly business practices are essential to supporting a bright future for our world.

Starbucks (Terrace Plaza)

Located about a fifteen minute walk from King’s, Terrace Plaza Starbucks offers a great-tasting cup of coffee and more! Providing a close community atmosphere, uncommon to most “chain” stores, you’ll be sure to fall in love with both the delicious drinks and friendly Baristas.

Little Brick

Little Brick is a café and general store in the heart of the Riverdale community. Built in the original 1903 home of J.B. Little, you can find scones, tea and of course, great coffee! “Little Brick is founded on the belief that community helps us build great things”.


Leva is located in the heart of Garneau, one of Edmonton's top neighbourhoods, and has been open for ten years. It is a major player in Edmonton’s coffee culture and specializes in authentic Italian espresso, organic gelato, sorbetto and pizza.

Happy sipping,


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