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King's Encounter Weekend

Nov 09, 2015

Hey Future King's Students!

Our first King's Encounter Weekend is quickly approaching and there is still time to sign up! But, you may be wondering, what exactly is a King's Encounter Weekend? Well allow me to explain.

King's Encounter Weekend is where prospective students like yourself, can spend an entire weekend on King's campus, experiencing first-hand what it would be like to be a King's university student. You have the opportunity to sit in on classes that current students are taking and you get to see what types of classes you can take at King's as you progress in your degree. During the King's Encounter Weekend, you get to meet professors and current students and ask them some of those burning questions you may have, such as specific program requirements or just the overall first year experience King's students have. You also get to stay in our residence, having the opportunity to experience what it would be like to live in rez while continuing your education at King's. 

Are you interested in hearing some personal experiences from current students that have gone to a King's Encounter Weekend? I chatted with some current students who attended a King's Encounter Weekend about what the event was like. Here's what they had to say: 

What was your favourite part of a King's Encounter Weekend?

"My favourite part was just being able to live in Rez for a weekend. I loved how I got to feel like a student, and experience the community. I enjoyed just getting to know so many friendly people, and participate in some fun events." - Katie MacCrimmon, 1st year English Major

Did the King's Encounter Weekend influence your decision to come to King's? Why or why not?

"The Encounter Weekend definitely made the choice for me to come to King's. I really liked the atmosphere and the people. It felt like a place where I would flourish and learn. I was interested in another school and I visited their campus as well, but King's was the better fit for me." - Measha Thompson, 2nd year Biology Major

What advice would you give to perspective students wanting to come to a King's Encounter Weekend?

"Do it! You get free food, free stuff, you meet awesome people and you might just figure out the answer to the question of what you want to do after high school." - Heidi Frei, 1st year Sociology Major

"My advice for students who want to come for an Encounter Weekend is to ask questions, really think about if this is the best place for you and to enjoy it. Make memories as you'll meet a new group of friends who just may end up being your classmates." - Measha Thompson, 2nd year Biology Major

Are you interested in coming to a King's Encounter Weekend? Our next Encounter Weekend is happening November 19 -21 and you can register here. You can't make it to this event? We have tons of other opportunities for you to come and check King's out! Check out our Visit King's page for our other opportunities and see if King's is the right fit for you! 

Hope to see you soon,


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