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Sock Wars

Nov 06, 2015
Sock Wars Graveyard
Sock Wars Graveyard

Hey Students,

I hope you’re all doing well!

So we have this tradition here at King’s where every year King's Residence hosts a game called “Sock Wars”. If you would like to have the prestige of being a Sock Wars Champion when you live in Residence, here's the low down on the game to help you last to the end!

In Sock Wars, every residence student is given the name of a fellow residence student. Their goal is to use a sock and “sock” their target, thereby eliminating their target from the game. Then the student takes on their killed target's name. To make the game a little more challenging, a number of safety items that were established that were…well…interesting. Here’s the list of 2015 Sock Wars Safety Items:

  1. Mug: Must be visible at all times.
  2. Picture of our Campus Minister: Tim Wood’s face had to be clearly shown on their shirt, covering at least 80% of a regular sheet of paper. Most people pinned the picture on their shirt but we had a few creative and dedicated students who made their own Tim Wood t-shirts!
  3. Toilet Paper: Had to be carried in the left hand and couldn’t be an empty toilet paper roll.
  4. Touching an RA’s shoulder:This rule lasted only a short while, for good reason. Students had to be touching an RA’s shoulder in order to be safe from socking.
  5. Toothbrush: You had to not only have a toothbrush on you, but it had to be in your mouth at all times in order to be safe!

Along with these main safety items, there were other rules that were added here and there throughout the game. Some of these included; no standing still, drawing a Harry Potter scar on your head, multiple items had to be carried, and having to wear a homemade box helmet on your head, and of course you had to have some kills to avoid elimination. They also added a twist this semester: If you were eliminated early on, there was a day you could post a video on Facebook on why you deserve to be back in the war, and if you got 20 likes then you were back in!

Why go through all of this trouble: the intense suspense, the constant fear of being socked, and the pressure to fulfill your mission? Because the winner gains fifty dollars, a unique pair of King’s socks, and legendary bragging rights! This year’s winner was Colbourne, who was the Last Person Standing, along with Ben, who had the Most Kills of the Game (16).

Now that you are fully versed in Sock Wars, will you be next year's Sock Wars Champion?! We'll see you in the war!



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