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Things to Keep You Busy in January

Jan 09, 2015
Photo courtesy of the City of Edmonton
Photo courtesy of the City of Edmonton

Hello King’s!

Christmas is now over, the New Year is here, and school is back in session.  However, the fun events don’t have to stop there! As you are plugging away at school work, here are some fun things to fill your free time with right here in Edmonton!

1. Skating at Hawrelak Park

There are plenty of free outdoor skating rinks scattered throughout Edmonton. Hawrelak is just one of the places you can go. So grab your skates and enjoy a nice skate on the lake. It’s open 11am to 10pm.

2. Go Tobogganing

Who doesn’t love the thrill of shooting down a hill, wind in the face, and feeling free? There are many hills in Edmonton that are available for you to toboggan down. Check out the link for locations:

3. Walk in the River Valley

Nothing beats a nice walk in the river valley whether it be early in the morning when no one is out, during the day when the snow is glittering, or at night with the moon lighting up your path. Regardless of what time of day it is, a walk in the River Valley is always a good idea.

4. Play in the Snow!

Who doesn’t love remembering the times as a kid where you would run out of the house, barreling through the snow all excited about it?! Well the snow is still here! Don’t grumble, get out in the snow and enjoy! Make a snowman, a snow fort, or snow angels! The options are endless, just go out and enjoy!

5. Have a Coffee!

After being outside, enjoying the weather, it is always nice to end it with a warm drink. Walking down Whyte Ave you will find lots of little coffee shops that are nice to cuddle up in and read a book or simply chat with a friend! Or better yet, stop by The Level Coffeehouse, King's very own, delicious, and fair-trade campus coffee shop!

Despite the biting cold weather and the piles of snow there is still much fun to be had! Enjoy!



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