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When Science Meets Art

Apr 13, 2015

Hello King's Community!

King's is known for the unique experiences it offers to its students. One of these unique aspects is that King's is a liberal arts institution, meaning that students are required to take courses in fields other than their major and minor and to participate in interdisciplinary projects, in order to shape them into more well-rounded individuals.

One of the ways I experienced King's liberal arts education during my Biology Senior Seminar this semester was our Biology in Art - Art in Biology project. To introduce this project, our professors had us read an article about a project at DePauw University, in which the chemistry and sculpture departments combined their forces to create an art piece which they named Villin. This art piece is composed of four large steel sculptures and depicts a protein as it unfolds. After reading this article, we discussed the merits of integrating art and science. In discussing the article, we addressed a statistic stating that Nobel Prize Laureates are more likely than the average scientist to engage in artistic endeavors.

In an effort to encourage us to pursue our artistic side, we were asked to produce a piece of art that incorporated biology in some way. Back in February, we threw an art show to display our pieces, and I was absolutely astonished at the quality of work done. Students really poured their heart and soul into these projects.

My own project was a collage of photographs that I had taken during some of my travels. I have always loved taking photographs of living organisms. They are all so beautiful in their own regard and taking photographs is one way that I feel like I can appreciate this beauty. I also think that taking a photograph in just the right way can inspire others to learn about and express greater care for the organisms that live around them. This project may have been one of my favorites all semester. Learning to see the world as a subjective artist and not just an objective scientist is important in order to remember why science is being done and who it is being done for.

Check out the photo gallery to see King's students' Biology in Art - Art in Biology!

Keep it real folks,


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