Transportation in Edmonton

Driving in Edmonton
If you have a car and aren't familiar with Edmonton, Google Maps has great directions for drivers. Check the AMA Road Reports to see what road conditions are like before you head out. As well, many radio stations give regular updates on road conditions during rush hour.

King's free parking
Whether you’re a residence or a commuter student, there is free parking available in King’s East Parking Lot! Plug-in spots can be rented for $87 a semester.


The Edmonton transit system includes both a bus and light rail transit (LRT) network for easy access around the city.

Public transit

The Edmonton Transit System (ETS) is an easy-to use way for you to get to where you want to go. ETS includes a comprehensive bus and LRT (light rail transit) network.

ETS fare works for both the bus and LRT!

  • Cash fare: For a one-time ride, pay $3.25 in exact change on the bus or at the LRT station.
  • Tickets (pack of 10): If you will be using public transit occasionally, purchase an Adult Ticket Pack for $25.50. You will be able to save 70 cents each ride!
  • Monthly pass: The U-Pass (annual student pass) is not available to King’s students. You can purchase a Post-Secondary Monthly Pass at the King’s Bookstore at a student rate of $86 (a 10% savings). To get your money’s worth out of a monthly pass, you need to use public transit at least 25 times in a month.

**Note: If you are transferring from one bus to another or from the LRT to the bus, please ask the bus driver for a paper transfer. This allows you to continue to ride the ETS for 90 minutes from the time issued.

Where to purchase tickets and passes
Edmonton currently has over 275 locations where bus tickets and passes are sold. Here are the most convenient locations near King's:

  • The King’s University Bookstore
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Rexall Pharma Plus
  • 7-Eleven
  • Safeway

Planning your route

  • ETS Trip Planner: ETS has an online trip planner you can use to plan your route to and from King’s. The Trip Planner can help you find bus stops near your home and identify any additional buses you may have to take. It also tells you the times that buses are scheduled to arrive at certain bus stops, so you never have to worry about being late for class!
  • Google Maps: Another useful way to plan a trip is through Google Maps, especially through their app. Type in where you are and where you want to go and select the bus option. It will list a number of different routes (e.g. less walking, no transferring, etc.) It also gives you the option to choose what time you want to leave or arrive at your destination.
  • Text & Ride: Text ETS at 311-00! It’s easy: Want to know which buses come to particular stop? Text your bus stop number (the 4-digit number on the bottom of the sign) and you will get a response with the buses that come to that location and their closest times. Want to know the times for a particular bus? Text the bus stop number and the bus number, and it will only send you those times.
  • ETS To Go (app): Have a smartphone? Download the handy ETS To Go app, which allows you to: 
    • View bus routes
    • View bus stop schedules
    • View the estimated time of arrival for a bus if it is different than what’s scheduled
    • Search for all bus stops that are close to you and bus arrival times


How to get to King’s

There are several bus routes that come near King’s:

  • Route 80 – Southgate to Capilano
  • Route 84 – Millgate to Capilano
  • Route 85 – Downtown to Capilano to Eastgate Industrial
  • Route 760 – Larkspur to Wildrose to Kiniski Gardens to Jackson Heights to McNally
  • Route 776 – Mill Woods to Silverberry to Kiniski Gardens to McNally
  • Route 778 – Mill Woods to Silverberry to Larkspur to Kiniski Gardens to Jackson Heights to McNally
  • Route 784 – Meadows to Jackson Heights to Hardisty to McNally

There are four bus stops near King’s:

  • #2550 – Heads eastbound, Routes 80 and 85 stop here.
  • #2553 – Heads westbound, Route 80 stops here.
  • #2990 – Heads northbound, Routes 84, 778, 784, and 760 stop here.
  • #2775 – Heads southbound, Route 80 stops here.
Use the LTR park and ride system for easy and convenient travel within Edmonton.


  • Park and Ride Locations: There are a number of different park and ride locations where you are able to park your car for free and hop on public transit to get to your destination.
  • LRT Map: Download your LRT Map online.   

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If you want to take a cab, here are some reputable companies you can call:

High Level Bridge streetcar

Edmonton has the largest fleet of heritage streetcars in Western Canada and operates two heritage streetcar routes. It runs from the Strathcona Terminal (Gateway Blvd. at 84 Ave.) and crosses the North Saskatchewan River ending at the Jasper Ave terminal (109 St. & 110 St.). The streetcar operates daily from the May Long Weekend until Labour Day. For more details, check out the Edmonton Radial Railway Society webpage.
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Airport transportation

The Edmonton International Airport is 15 minutes south of the city and a 30-minute drive from King’s. Check out the airport’s arrival and departure schedule here.

Travel To and From the Airport:

Regular taxi service costs ~$70 one way
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Out-of-town transportation 

  • Greyhound: The largest intercity bus transportation provider in North America. 
  • Red Arrow: An Alberta-based intercity bus transportation provider.

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