As Christians, we are called to have an outward focus, to see the needs of our neighbours, and to serve others. Jesus not only calls us to serve but also is our example.

We want to foster an attitude of service. We want to be people who are concerned with the needs of others. Having an attitude of service might open your eyes to the struggles of fellow students or the needs of a recently-immigrated family. Students might find themselves leading a discussion in a prison, colouring with a young girl at the Mustard Seed, digging ditches in Honduras, or holding an orphan in Kenya. There is no shortage of needs in our world, only a shortage of people willing to serve.

Service opportunities

The King’s Hands

The King's Hands is an outreach group where students find various ways of serving the community with a humble and Christ-like spirit. This group provides meals for our inner-city families through the Mustard Seed ministry, as well as sharing God's love through blood drives, clothing drives, and hospital visits.

Prison ministry

One Sunday a month, a group from King’s leads worship and a Bible study at the Edmonton Young Offenders Centre. The EYOC is also looking for people to lead a Bible study on Tuesday nights. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, contact Tim Wood.

Micah Action & Awareness Student Society (MASS)

The goal of the MASS movement is to promote action and change regarding social injustice on both a local and global level. We hope to advocate for radical change and to mobilize students to take action for a broken world.

Worship on campus

Get involved with planning and running worship services on campus. Serving on a worship team or the worship formation team are a few ways to get involved.

Micah Centre

Learn about international service opportunities such as the Honduras Water Project. The Micah Centre offers many local opportunities to serve.

Service opportunities outside of King’s

To learn more about service opportunities outside of King’s, visit the service and volunteer opportunities registry.