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Alberta Residents

Apply Now: Student Aid Alberta

Loan application tips for Alberta students: 

1) We are listed as "King's University" (select this).

2) If you are in a Bachelor of Arts program, make sure you select the right one! There are two four-year B.A. degree programs listed, and 99% of students should select the second one (there is only one option for the Bachelor of Arts 3-year program).

3) Pick the right study dates! You should see three options: Fall term, Winter term, and both, Fall & Winter.

Take your time to read the questions carefully; a wrong answer could result in a delayed loan and a lengthy appeal process.

Questions? Call the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre: 1-855-606-2096 (M-F 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. MST)

Non-Alberta Residents
Find details on your government assistance program by clicking on your provincial/territorial loan office:

British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland
Nova Scotia Northwest Territories Nunavut  Ontario
Prince Edward Island Québec Saskatchewan  Yukon

Full-time study at King's is defined by having a minimum of nine credits in one term/semester (students with permanent disabilities may be able to take a reduced course load and still be considered full-time). If you do not have a permanent disability and take less than 9 credits per term/semester, you must apply for part-time student loans.

Click here to Learn more about government student loans in Canada.
How do I know what I'll qualify for? Try the Student Financial Assistance Estimator.

Students must apply annually for government funding student assistance (via repayable loans and/or non-repayable grants) through their home province/territory (i.e. place of permanent residence). Applications are revised each year and available in late spring for students to apply for the upcoming fall/winter terms. Students should aim to apply for funding at least six to eight weeks before classes start.