Room Draft

Room Draft is the Residence Life process and culminating event for returning King's students to choose their roommates and residence room for the next school year.

Room Draft 2017 is March 21 at 8 p.m. in the Level Coffeehouse
Returning students (students who have completed a semester as a student at The King's University) can apply for residence in the Tower Suites or Apartment Residence.  Each student’s actual fall 2017 residence depends on the outcome of the Room Draft event. Keep reading to learn more!


Step 1: Fill out your application online
Applications are open and can be accessed through Registry Online Services. To participate in Room Draft, complete your application before March 17, 2017.

Step 2: Find some roommates
Both the suites and apartments are made for groups of six students. Find five friends or attend the "Find a Roommate Night" to find compatible roommates.

  • Find a Roommate Night dates: February 13, February 28, and other dates as announced.

Step 4: Check out the suites/apartments 
Choose the bedroom you want, choose the apartment layout you prefer, and check out all the unique ways current residents arrange their furniture and decorate their space. This is an important step to prepare for room draft, as you and your roommates need to choose the specific bedroom you will live in next year, and seeing the bedroom layouts and window directions will help you make an informed decision.

  • Suite view night: February 28 at 8 p.m.
  • Apartment view night: March 9 at 8 p.m.

Step 3: Turn in your Roommate Roster by March 20 at Noon
Rosters are available outside Alison Exner's Office and at the Student Life Office. Turn them in to Alison Exner's mailbox at the front desk (sign them in like an assignment). Residence life staff will tally group points before Room Draft (see below for point breakdown). Groups with the most points will choose their suites/apartments first on Room Draft night. Your individual and group points are not shared with others to keep your information confidential.

Step 5: Come to Room Draft on March 21 at 8pm
As a group, be prepared to choose which suite/apartment you want and which bedroom each roommate will live in (side A or B for suites and bedrooms one through six in the apartments). These choices are exactly where you will be placed when you move in for Fall, so choose wisely.

Wear a sports-themed team costume to Room Draft for a chance to win awesome prizes!

Step 6: Pay your Residence Deposit
Even if you have chosen your room at Room Draft, your room isn't guaranteed until you pay your non-refundable residence deposit of $500. You must pay your residence deposit by June 15, 2017, or you will need to reapply to residence and may lose your spot.

Still have questions?
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below, attend the Room Draft Input Session on February 6 at 3:00pm in Level Coffeehouse, talk to an RA, or email


Residence Life officially totals the points for your Roommate Roster after you hand it in. Personal and group totals are kept confidential.

The Room Draft point formula was revised based on a student input event on Monday, February 13. We thank all participants for their input. Below is the Room Draft 2017 point system:

Year of Study

Year of study based on credits completed

x 10 =

10 for current first years
20 for current second years
30 for current third years
40 for current fourth years
40 for current first year education

Community Respect

Number of disciplinary incidents in 2016/17 school year. An incident is defined as anything serious enough to have resulted in a disciplinary meeting with Residence staff

x - 1 =

-1 for one incident
-2 for two incidents
And so on.

Residence Leadership

Residence Assistants receive 100 points to ensure one RA is on each floor


100 for Residence Assistants

Personal Total

Add both together for your personal total


 Anywhere from 10 to 140 points for most students

 Group Total

Add all of your group members personal totals together. The groups with the most points will choose their suite/apartment first.


 Anywhere from 60 to 340 for most groups of 6

It is very important to have a group of six people chosen to maximize points and ensure your group will choose as early as possible on Room Draft night.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
Apply online under your registration services account. Be sure to answer all questions in the application before submitting. If there are answers saved from last year, please make sure they are still accurate.

When can I pay my deposit?
After your application is accepted, you will receive an email with instructions to pay your $500 non-refundable deposit. You can pay your deposit to guarantee your room anytime before June 15, but we suggest doing it sooner rather than later so you don't forget. Any applications without a paid deposit on June 16 will be removed, and you will need to reapply.

What if we want to have a group of four friends in a suite/apartment?
Groups of less than six students can participate in Room Draft; however, smaller groups have less points and thus choose later and have fewer options for apartments/suites. Because of expected high demand, it is also possible that all rooms will be filled with groups of six students leaving no suites/apartments available for smaller groups.

Small groups that leave empty spots available in their apartment/suite will likely have additional students assigned to their room either at room draft or over the summer months. Residence Life suggests finding another roommate at the "Find a Roommate" event. Together you can decide if you would be compatible. Some great relationships come from roommates you didn't know previously! 

I don't have a group. Can Residence Life place me in a suite/apartment?
Residence Life does hold the authority to place an accepted student into an empty room in residence; however, we encourage all returning students to take the time to find roommates they are compatible with. Residence applications are not as in depth as a conversation you have with potential roommates. Students who don't find a group also run the risk of no spots remaining in suites or apartments after Room Draft.

I'm a second year. Can I live in the apartments instead of the suites?
Yes! The King's University allows groups of returning students to choose from any of the available suites/apartments during Room Draft. The number of suites/apartments available by the time it is your turn to choose depends on your group points.

Who will choose their suites/apartments first at Room Draft?
Groups of students who have the most total points have first choice of the available apartments and suites. See the point system above for information. The following is the likely choice order: groups including an RA, groups with mostly third years, mostly second years, mostly first years with some variation based on student leadership and mixed groups.

What will happen in a tie?
With many groups of six first year or second-year students choosing to live together, it is possible there will be groups with the same number of points. We hope the final point formula will minimize the number of tie breakers needed. In case of a tie, a coin flip or similar unbiased choice method will be used.

My friend is transferring to King's. Can they be in our room?
Transfer students can be part of Room Draft if they have been accepted to King's, have applied for residence, and have given written permission for someone else to choose their bedroom (or they can come to room draft and choose themselves!) Transfer students only receive 10 personal points, regardless of year of study.  Mature students and entering education students can also be part of room draft, and will also receive 10 personal points. 

Any students entering residence directly from high school and not over the age of 21 will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Talk to Alison Exner, the Residence Life Coordinator, before March 10 in such cases.

I don't know if I'm returning next year. Can I still participate?
Students who are unsure if they are returning to residence are allowed to participate; however, Residence Life suggests you be upfront with your potential roommates and consider how your choice to not return may affect them. Apartments/suites with empty rooms or beds will likely have those spots assigned to transfer or mature students over the summer.

I have a night class/work/need to wash my hair on the night of Room Draft. What then?
Students who are not available to attend Room Draft can send a signed note giving one of their group mates permission to choose a room for them. Room Draft is expected to take no more than an hour, so we encourage students to prioritize attending when they can. This is your home on the line!

Do you have another question? Email it to