Campus Cleaning

Two-Step Cleaning and Disinfecting Process

King's is using a two step process for cleaning and disinfecting all areas of the campus, from classrooms, common areas, washrooms, to labs and offices.

  • All hard surfaces are cleaned with a cleaner (disinfectant). This includes, tables chairs, counters, and high contact touch points, such as light switches, door knobs, handrails, elevator buttons, and garbage/recycle containers.
  • After they have been cleaned we are using a medical grade disinfecting wipe (OXIVAR TB) with a 1 minute dwell time. This wipe is listed on COVID-19 fighting products lists.
  • Once a space has been completely disinfected (this means all hard surfaces, tables chairs, computer cart and keyboards/mice etc.) King's places a ‘completed’ sticker on the outside of the door, just above the handle. With limited use of the building King's can then continue to manage used spaces.

Enhanced Cleaning Frequency and Procedures

Classrooms and Labs

29 Classrooms/labs in the NAB have been cleaned and disinfected top to bottom, with an extra focus on all touch points.

5 Classrooms/labs in the main camps have been cleaned and disinfected top to bottom, with an extra focus on all touch points.

Signage has been put up to help us maintain the spaces, by knowing who/when someone is going in and out.

Computer Labs

Active computer labs are being cleaned at a minimum of 4 times a day and supplies are left in each lab for students to clean their hands and wipe down machines as they deem necessary. Cleaner rags are placed out and dirty rags taken away at a minimum of 4 times per day.

Practice Rooms

10 practice rooms have been cleaned and disinfected top to bottom, with an extra focus on all touch points.

Meeting Rooms

5 main meeting rooms have been cleaned and disinfected top to bottom, with an extra focus on all touch points. These will continue to be maintained before and after any groups meet in those spaces.


Over 140 offices throughout the campus have been cleaned (some to be finished up today) with a focus on disinfecting all the high contact touch points.


20 Washroom sets have been receiving complete clean and disinfection at a minimum of 2x per day.

Athletics Facilities

After the Workout Center and Gymnasium were closed, teams went through and gave a full clean and disinfection to all areas of both of those spaces, including the locker rooms and adjoining washrooms.

Team rooms (as they are still being emptied out), and other athletic storage rooms will be tended to next week.

Reception Area

We have implemented regular cleaning and wipe down of all areas of the reception area from counters to phones and staplers/pens being used

Cafeteria and Student Spaces

Any areas with food service are being maintained at a minimum of 3 times a day, before meals. This includes tables, chairs, and touch points.

Areas such as the Cafeteria and The Level have also receive regular full cleanings and disinfection and extra attention continues to be paid to those areas.


Both the Apartment and the Tower residence are being managed daily – 7 days a week

  • All common areas, such as lounges, hallways, elevator lobbies, laundry rooms and stairwells and fully cleaned top to bottom 1 time per day
  • Touch points such as light switches, door knobs/handles, doors, handrails and elevators are cleaned an additional 2 times per day (for a total of 3 times a day.)

Common Areas

All common areas are being maintained at a minimum of 2x a day, with an increase to 4x a day in high traffic/student focus areas.


All exterior garbage’s, are being kept empty and continuously wiped down in terms of cleaning and disinfection.

To ensure the safety of students who remain in residence, and essential employees who are required to be on campus, the following cleaning regimen has been implemented: