Courses with Required In-Person Components

This September, King's will offer courses online with the option forĀ in-person classes and lab experiences at least once per week. Every effort has been made to ensure students have the ability to choose between online or in-person learning based on their circumstances or preferences.

Some courses contain face-to-face experiential learning activities that cannot be offered remotely. These components will only be offered in-person / on-campus with safety precautions in place that meet or exceed those outlined by the provincial government. If a student cannot attend the in-person requirements of the courses below, they will receive an incomplete in the course and will have to make up these components at a later date prior to receiving credit for the course.

Courses With Required In-Person Labs:

  • BIOL 422 - Molecular Cell Biology I
  • BIOL 470 - Biochemistry I / CHEM 400 - Biochemistry I
  • CHEM 311 - Analytical Chemistry I
  • BIOL 343 - Integrated Zoology
  • CHEM 350 - Organic Chemistry I

Required In-Person Courses:

  • ENGL 214J - Writing Matters: English Literature and Academic Interpretation
  • ENGL 398 - Student Publications I
  • ENGL 498 - Student Publications II
  • BUSI 370 - Introduction to Finance