COVID Guidelines: Campus Life, Services, and Safety

Update History

December 7, 2020

  • Removed policy for mask exceptions. 

September 14, 2020

  • Edited mask use policy for the workout centre and gymnasium.

September 2, 2020

  • Added a recommendation to download the Canada COVID Trace app.
  • Added information on face shields and face covering exeptions.
  • Added additional information on locker availability.


Campus Safety and Access

The King’s University will meet or exceed Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines for post-secondary institutions in all circumstances. In doing so, we can all help to keep our community safe and our campus open for on-campus learning and student activities.

Arriving on Campus

To ensure King’s can monitor the number of people on campus at one time, only three entrances will be available for student use.

  1. Main front entrance
  2. East parking lot/Atrium entrance
  3. Rear residence entrance (residence students only)

Note: Visitors must use the main front entrance only. Employees may use the main front entrance and the east parking lot/Atrium entrances only.

Campus Entrance Assessments

Upon arriving, students, staff, and visitors must complete a short daily COVID-19 screening assessment on their smartphone device or on a provided iPad. All persons must pass the assessment and provide a “green entrance status” to the entrance attendant to access campus. Hand sanitizer will be provided at all three approved entrances.

Clearance for entry is valid for 12 hours.

Entrance staff reserve the right to refuse entry to any student, employee, or visitor who has not cleared their daily COVID-19 screening assessment. You may be asked to show proof of clearance by any staff member at any time you are on campus.

Entrance Assessments

To help keep wait times down at entrances, and to avoid coming onto campus then being denied entrance, please consider completing your daily entrance assessment at home prior to travelling to campus.

Classrooms, Lectures Halls, and Laboratories

A number of new measures will be put into place to ensure the safety of students and staff in campus learning spaces. These include:

  • Deep cleaning classrooms daily and in between occupancies wherever possible (back-to-back classes have been avoided in most situations.)
  • Marking each learning space with dedicated entrances and exits. Class-rooms must be completely cleared of students before the next class may begin to enter.
  • Establishing waiting areas for each classroom.
  • Re-arranging and removing physical seating in all learning spaces to accommodate adequate physical distancing. Classrooms not large enough to accommodate adequate distancing will not be used.
  • Taking attendance in Moodle in every in-person class for contact tracing reference should a COVID-19 related incident occur and to meet AHS guide-lines for post-secondary institutions.
  • Displaying a PowerPoint slide at the beginning of every class outlining COVID-19 prevention rules unique to that course, lab, and classroom. Professors and instructors are responsible for ensuring that classroom rules are followed.
  • Equipping all learning spaces with disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies should they be needed between scheduled cleanings

Face Masks

The use of masks is required in public spaces such as hallways, class-rooms, meeting rooms, washrooms, etc. Face masks are not required in non-public spaces such as non-public offices or private student residences. Face masks are not required in the fitness center or gymnasium while participating in strenuous exercise.

It is recommended that a face shield be worn for those who are unable to wear a face mask.

Hallway Traffic

One-way travel through the building will be in place. Please watch for and follow all signs, stations, and arrows — even if it is less convenient.

Campus Life

Online Orientation

All 2020-21 student orientation activities will occur online via Moodle,King’s student courses and learning portal. Online Orientation will be accessible starting August 17, 2020 but students must first enrol in UNIV050 – Orientation in CrossRoad when they register for courses.

Orientation will remain available on Moodle for the rest of the academic year. To view Online Orientation, log in to Moodle using the same student credentials you use to access your student email and navigate to “Online Orientation” at the top left side of your screen.

On September 4, King’s will host a “Meet the Faculty” event. All students who are registered in UNIV050 – Orientation will be emailed a link to access the Zoom event for the program they are registered in.

Students registered in King’s Bachelor of Education program will have their own orientation event hosted by the Faculty of Education and will be contacted directly regarding how to access their orientation events and information.

Student Events and Activities

This year, King’s Student Life team will ensure that all campus activities are adjusted to accommodate physical distancing. Student leaders will be trained in planning events that conform with Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines at all times. Where possible, an emphasis will be placed on using outdoor spaces (e.g. updated fire pit, Community Ice Rink, out-door movies projected on gymnasium wall, etc.)

Weekly Connect Rooms

Hosted online via Zoom by student leaders starting mid-September, Weekly Connect Rooms will allow students to meet up with Student Life staff and other students. Some of the topics covered during these sessions will include mental health and wellness, organization, self-care tips, study sessions, as well as more casual chats.

Welcome Info Tables

Welcome information tables will be staffed by Student Leaders and Ambassadors during the first two weeks of classes. You can find these tables in the central hall between the Admissions and Registry offices and in the main hallway of the North Academic Building.

New students can pick up a free King’s t-shirt and lanyard just by show-ing their student ID card!

Yapp App

The Student Life Yapp App is the best way to stay up-to-date with what is happening with campus life at King’s. The app includes links to all the resources you may require as a student here. Download and install the Yapp app via the Google Play or Apple Appstore, choose “add existing Yapp”, and enter the code “KINGSU” to get started.

Campus Ministries

King’s will not host weekly chapels this year due to maximum gathering restrictions related to COVID-19. We are, however, planning to launch a number of new activities to ensure we can continue to gather, learn about God, and praise Him together! This year, Campus Ministries will lead the university through the New Testament book of Romans using King’s Professor of Theology, Dr. Doug Harink’s new book on Romans (to be released in October) as a primary resource!

Weekly Campus Ministries Schedule

Monday Passage Podcasts

Listen to short, 15-minute podcasts featuring student reactions to a weekly passage from Romans. Students are encouraged to send their responses to these passages to Campus Pastor Tim Wood, and may have an opportunity to be featured on the podcast

  • What questions came up for you as you read this passage?
  • Do you have any difficulties with the passage?
  • What about this passage do you find beautiful?
  • Can you see any connections between this passage and your own life?

Tuesday Lunch Rooms via Zoom

Every Tuesday from 12:00–1:00 PM, gather for lunch over Zoom. Together, we will work through different questions about life and living.


In lieu of Chapel in the Atrium, this year King’s will meet together as a community in small groups over Zoom (4-5 people facilitated by a student leader). We will reflect on questions and thoughts relevant to 2020 in Canada. We will also use this time to pray together as a community.


On Thursday a new Reflections on Reflections blog-post will be released by Campus Ministries. These blog posts, written by Rev. Tim Wood and others on campus will reflect on King’s time together on Wednesday.


A reading from Romans will be posted for the next week on-line every Friday. This will be a resource for more in-depth engagement with the text and questions that will both provoke reflection and stimulate prayer. It will include:

  • Short audio clip setting up the context of the passage.
  • Audio clip and written passage from Romans.
  • Questions for journaling.
  • Questions for prayer.

Other Campus Ministries Activities

Small Groups

Small groups, Discipleship and Resistance groups , spiritual formation groups, etc. will continue to meet via Zoom and in-person where possible. Decisions to meet in-person will be made based on the recommendations of Alberta Health Services.


Look forward to weekly podcasts discussing issues about the world, faith, life, and Christian living. Podcast will feature guests from across the university and are hosted by Campus Pastor, Rev. Tim Wood.

Student Services

Academic Enrichment Centre

King’s Academic Enrichment Centre (AEC) will be open and available to students between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday–Friday. Students accessing services inside the AEC are asked to wear a mask and sanitize their hands prior to entering the facility.

Furniture within the AEC will be spaced out to accommodate physical distancing in all circumstances. Carrels, tables, counters, etc. will be cleaned regularly throughout the day to ensure student safety.

Please consider booking space ahead of time at as space may be limited.

Food Services

Food services will not be available on campus during the Fall 2020 semester. Students are encouraged to visit the Students’ Association Level Coffee House (newly renovated this year) for beverages and snack items.

All residence options available for the 2020-21 academic year are equipped with kitchens for students to prepare their own meals. Stu-dents may also order food for delivery, though pickup must take place outside of campus buildings. In the event that a student needs to quarantine due to illness, the Student life team, will work with the student to ensure they have the food they need.

Computer Labs (TBD)

Campus computer labs and printing services will be available for student access during regular campus business hours. Computer labs will operate at 50% capacity to ensure physical distance can be maintained. Cleaning and sanitation supplies will be available in each lab and all users will be required to sanitize their workstation before and after each use.

Counselling Services

Appointments with psychologists are free for students and fully confidential. Counselling services will begin accepting appointments starting September 8 and all student counselling services will operate as usual during the 2020-21 academic year. Students will have the option of booking video, phone, or in-person appointments.

Up-to-date hours can be found at Drop-in hours are available Monday, Wednesday, Friday between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM.

Remember that appointments (except drop-in appointments) are booked in advance. To book an appointment or meet-and-greet visit, go to

Registry, Student Finance, and Admission Offices

King’s Registry & Student Finance and Admissions Offices will be avail-able at normal operating capacity during regular campus business hours. Hand sanitizing and mask use will be required.

Simona Maaskant Library

The library and all library related services will be available Monday–Fri-day from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM. Hand sanitizing and mask use will be required.

Study space, including drop-in study space, will be available for student access at approximately 50% capacity. Students can ensure their spot in the library by booking study carrels and other study space online in a full day increment. Book a study space here.

If you choose to study at the library you will receive a laminated card upon your arrival at the main circulation desk with a number correlating to a workspace. You will be asked to stay at that study spot for the duration of your stay in the library. Upon leaving the library, please deposit your number in a marked container at the exit so library staff may clean that particular spot in between occupants. Book an appointment with an instructional librarian here.

Textbook Store

Textbooks will be sold on campus following AHS guidelines for the first two weeks of classes. The current textbook list can be found at:

For more detailed information, including pricing, students can log into the courses they are registered in at choose either Registration > My Online Registration, or Registration > What am I Registered In? to see their textbooks.


With the implementation of new traffic flow patterns in the building, the majority of lockers be unavailable to returning students. A limited number of lockers can be made available via special request through Kristin’s office in the AEC where inclusivity requires it.

Lockers are available for day use only. Lockers will be checked and cleaned daily at 9:00 p.m. and locks will be removed from any lockers that have not been emptied. The deadline to clear out lockers registered in the 2019-2020 academic year is September 4th, 2020 at 8:00 p.m., at which point the lockers will be emptied and the contents held for 30 days.

Workout Centre

The King’s University Workout Centre will be open and available to all King’s students during the hours of 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM. Capacity will be limited to a maximum of five people at all times. Students will be required to book a time slot prior to their visit (maximum one visit per person, per day.) Visit to reserve a time slot.

To help ensure your safety, we will implement the following measures:

  • Some equipment will be limited/spaced in ways which allow for proper physical distancing, especially where high exertion is common (e.g. rowing machines, treadmills, etc.)
  • Waiting zones will be provided outside the Workout Centre for those waiting for their scheduled time slot.
  • Separate entrance/exit doors will be established to avoid congestion.
  • There will be 15 minutes allotted between each booking to sanitize equipment.
  • Users must continue to spray and wipe down each piece of equipment immediately after use. Cleaning supplies will be provided.
  • Users must remain fully clothed at all times within the Workout Centre (i.e. no changing shirts, socks and shoes worn at all times). Washroom access is available close by.
  • There will be zero tolerance for sharing water bottles, etc.

Should you begin to feel ill while on campus

Commuting Students

Students must not come to campus if they have any symptoms of illness, not including those related to a known pre-existing health condition, regardless of whether they appear to be COVID-19 related. If a student begins to feel ill while on campus, they must take the following steps:

  1. Immediately leave campus
  2. Notify the Dean of Students once they are home. The Dean of Students will ensure each students’ professors are notified.
  3. Refer to to complete the COVID-19 self-assessment form which will provide recommendations for virus testing. If testing is recommended, a student must self isolate.
  4. The Dean of Students will send the student a form which must be completed immediately as it will be necessary to track their movements through the building in order to implement emergency cleaning procedures.
  5. Students will proceed with all classes online throughout the course of their isolation period.
  6. Students will be required to have a negative COVID-19 test result and be symptom-free before returning to campus.
  7. In the event that a student tests positive, appropriate academic exceptions and extensions will be made as needed.

Residence Students

Students must not leave their residence room if they exhibit any symptoms of illness, not including those related to a known pre-existing health condition, regardless of whether they appear to be COVID-19 related. If a student begins to feel ill while on campus, they must take the following steps

  1. Immediately return to their residence room.
  2. Notify the Residence Life Coordinator who will notify the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students will ensure each students’ professors are notified.
  3. Refer to to complete the COVID-19 self-assessment form which will provide recommendations for virus testing. If testing is recommended, a student must self isolate
  4. The Dean of Students will send the student a form which must be completed immediately as it will be necessary to track their movements through the building in order to immediately implement emergency cleaning procedures.
  5. Students will proceed with all classes online throughout the course of their isolation period.
  6. Symptomatic students are required to self-isolate in their room. Students who test positive will be required to move to a designated quarantine room.
  7. Students will be required to have a negative COVID-19 test result and be symptom free before returning to normal activity. In the event that a student tests positive, appropriate exceptions/extensions will be made academically as needed.

Top ways to stay safe on campus

  1. Wear a face mask.
  2. Practice physical distancing at all times.
  3. Refrain from gathering in groups in hallways.
  4. Refrain from lingering in hallways before or after classes.
  5. Respect all signs and traffic directional markers.
  6. Enter and leave classrooms, one-at-a-time.
  7. Opt for outdoor visits with others whenever possible.
  8. Always do your daily entrance screenings.
  9. If you have any symptoms, no matter how mild, stay home and report them to Student Life (as per AHS tracking requirements). In the event a student tests positive, every student will receive appropriate exceptions/extensions academically as needed.
  10. It is recommended that everyone should, as they are able, download and use the ABTraceTogether app. Use of a tracing app is a crucial measure in staying safe as a community. The app can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple App Store. More information on the app can be found on the Government of Alberta website.