New Student FAQ

*Last updated December 10, 2020

Are classes online or in-person for the Winter term?

We are excited to be able to continue with our hybrid model of learning for the Winter term. 

King's will offer courses online with the opportunity for in-person classes and lab experiences at least once per week. Online alternatives are being developed for all in-person course components so that students will have full choice regarding what their education at King’s looks like this Winter.

Please note that there are a few select courses that have a mandatory in-person component. 

How do I contact Admissions?

If you know who your Admissions Counsellor is, you can contact them directly! Otherwise, give our mainline a call at 780-465-8334 or email us at

We are available to book Zoom or phone inquiry appointments with you between 8:30 a.m. –4:30 p.m. on Monday to Friday. At this time, we are not accepting walk-in appointments to the Admissions Office.

Am I still allowed to visit campus?

While campus is open, we are still trying to limit the number of people on campus. As such, the Admissions Office is currently not accepting walk-in appointments. We would be happy to schedule a Zoom or phone appointment with you though! You can find our contact information in the “How do I contact Admissions?” FAQ.

Are you still running King’s View Fridays, King’s Encounter Weekend, and Open House?

We sure are, and we’ve made them all virtual! You’ll still have the opportunity to join our Admissions team as they host a King’s 101 info session, meet faculty members, and take a virtual tour of campus with a current student.

Domestic students who register and attend one of our virtual visit events are also eligible to apply for free. International students will receive $70 off of their application fee.


Is there someone who can help me with my course registration?

Absolutely! First, check out our Course Registration 101 page, and then contact your Admissions Counsellor to set up a phone or video appointment and we can go over your course registration together.

How do I get my textbooks for the Winter term?

Good news – our pop-up bookstore is opening early! You can purchase your textbooks on campus starting December 14. Check out our textbook store webpage for more information on shop hours and a full textbook list.

If you are unable to come to campus, we are also offering shipping services this year! It’s important to note that shipping fees will apply, and items that are shipped cannot be returned.

Are you still accepting applications?

Of course! Our applications for Winter 2020/21 and Fall 2021/22 are open. You can submit an application online by clicking here.

I am currently taking a 30-level course and my diploma exam is now optional. How will this impact my admission to King’s?

The Alberta Ministry of Education recently announced that diploma exams will not be required for 30-level courses being completed in all of the scheduled dates for 2021. As such, if you are completing 30-level coursework in the 2020-21 academic year, you will not be expected to complete diploma exams in order to be eligible for admission to King’s. We will be accepting final class marks as the mark that will be used for admission purposes. If you do choose to write a diploma exam, we will use the higher of the classroom mark or the combined mark for admission purposes. This policy will also be used in assessing your marks for an automatic admission scholarship.

I’m a transfer student. How will having Pass/Fail grades instead of letter grades from the 2019/20 academic year impact my admission to King’s?

We are committed to working with all transfer students, regardless of what individual institutions have decided to do in regards to providing grades for students. If your institution has adopted a Pass/Fail model, your transfer GPA will be calculated on coursework you’ve completed in previous terms where you received letter grades. We will still be honoring transfer credit for any course that you receive a Pass for this term.

I plan to live on campus. What do I need to know?

We are planning to have all three of our residences open for students again starting Fall 2021. That said, you might have some questions about how non-refundable residence deposits will be handled in the event that there is a last-minute change to our plans or your plans because of COVID-19. There are two important things to note:

  1. In the event that the Tower residence is closed after your submit your application and residence deposit to live there, you will have the option to change your application to the Suites or the Apartments (subject to room). If you no long want to live on campus due to the Tower residence closing, you can request to have your residence deposit transferred to your account as a credit, which can then be used towards tuition and fees.
  2. In the event that you submit an application and deposit to live in the Tower residence and you can no longer live on campus, you will need to submit a letter of appeal to the Residence Life Coordinator to request for your residence deposit to be transferred as a balance on your account. These appeals will be handled on a case-by-case basis.