Eagles Athlete Registration

Student ID #

If you have not already received your 6-digit student ID Number, contact the registry at registrar@kingsu.ca

List name of institution(s) and season(s) you have completed. (i.e. 1st year King's, 10-11  2nd year King's 11-12)

Academic Program Information

Personal Information

Player Medical History and Release Form

Release of Information

I hereby consent to release of information and agree to allow The King's University and the Alberta College Athletic Conference to use personal information, photos and statistics information for publicity and publication purposes. (i.e. game day programs, website, media, etc.)

Waiver For Not Travelling With The Team

I understand that although The Kings University provides transportation to most competition events, there are a number of situations where student athletes are responsible to arrange their own transportation to an event (i.e league games in Edmonton; off campus practices, exhibition and community service).

I also understand that I am responsible for my own personal well being when I choose to travel on my own to and from games, instead of using the transportation provided by the The King's University.

In signing this Waiver Form, I release and discharge The King’s University, its officers, employees, and agents of liability for any loss, injury or damage sustained by traveling under my own arrangements.


Please have your parent or guardian type in his/her name.

Reading of Handbook

I understand that it is my responsibility to read the Eagles Athlete Handbook entirely, and fully understand what is written therein.  As a member of an Eagles Athletics intercollegiate sport team, I will adhere to all the rules, policies and procedures as outlined in the handbook and the ACAC Operating Code, and be a good ambassador for The King’s University.

The handbook is available online HERE.

Release of Grades

I hereby allow my grades to be released to the Athletic Director, the Athletic Coordinator, and Head Coaches of The King’s University.

Student-Athlete Consent

I have read the CCAA Student agreement form as attached on the Kings website. By agreeing to this form, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and will abide by the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s Eligibility, Code of Ethic and Doping Control Regulations. I also acknowledge having read the CCAA’s Personal Information Protection Policy and understand the contents thereof.