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Illness outbreak update – Tuesday February 7, 2017

Feb 08, 2017

Based on actual information collected (as of Tuesday February 7, 2017), our overall number of people ill on Campus has dropped significantly over the last few days, however new cases of illness continue to be reported, as recently as today.

As mentioned in previous communications AHS will not declare our outbreak as being over until we can declare no new illness’ beginning over a 72 hour time period.

The following precautions continue to remain in place;

  • No buffet/self-service foods (other than those in individually wrapped packaging) are being served in the cafeteria
  • The WORKout Centre remains closed
  • All lounges in both residence buildings remain closed (T-501, T-601, T-701 as well as the Apartment Lounge)
  • Group gatherings and activities continue to be discouraged (no RA programming)
  • Conference Services continues to work with and update any external clients who are booked to use campus spaces
  • Facilities staff continue to increase cleaning to high traffic areas and touch points on campus
  • The LEVEL Coffee House has re-opened, but will be following additional protocols as outlines for food services areas (such as additional cleaning with bleach and water solution on an hourly basis) and limiting anything self –serve to being done behind the counter.

CTV Edmonton News was here today to do a story as AHS has informed them that there are 15 similar illness outbreaks in Edmonton at this time. We continue to be extra diligent in reducing the continued spread of illness.