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Winter illness outbreak in King's residences

Feb 01, 2017

After an unusually high percentage of students became ill in the past two weeks, Alberta Health Services has declared an illness outbreak at The King’s University. About half of all students in residence have reported illness of some kind in the past week, and about 20% of the illness is gastrointestinal.

During this time, the campus community has been asked to be vigilant to reduce the spread of germs. Alberta Health Services has visited campus and recommended continued adherence to the following precautions:

  • increased hand hygiene through regular hand washing
  • those ill with vomiting or diarrhea should remain in their rooms as much as possible until the symptoms have disappeared
  • daily cleaning and disinfection of common areas, using a disinfectant that is known to be effective against norovirus
  • eliminating buffet lines and self-service of food at dorm food facilities
  • postponing group activities within residence
  • student laundry: having students bag their soiled laundry when transporting it from their room to the laundry area, and minimizing agitation of the laundry when transferring it from the bag into the washing machine

Student life staff have advised students to stay away from class if they are ill. The University has developed a tracking system to report each day on how many students are ill and which symptoms they are experiencing. Outbreak precautions will remain in place until the outbreak is declared over by Alberta Health Services.