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Tell Us Your Winter Participation Plan

Nov 26, 2020

We are just weeks from the start of winter classes, and your instructors have been working hard to make your learning experience the best possible under current public health restrictions.

As you know, we are proceeding with offering most of our courses with one in-person class each week, plus in-person labs. We are working to be able to accommodate those who cannot attend these in-person elements. To finish those plans we need to learn from you how you plan to participate in in-person elements of our courses.

Please log into your to your Registry Services and choose course evaluations/surveys from the checklist. Choose "Winter Participation Plan" from your list. There you will be presented with a question about each course that has in-person elements. If you intend to participate remotely, we will also ask for your reason for not participating in-person.

Your plan for each course will be shared with your instructor, but the reason will not. That information will be used by Faculty Deans and our Vice President Academic and Research to understand student choices.

Thanks for helping your instructors prepare for your courses this winter.