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Camp Evergreen

Jan 27, 2020

Camp Evergreen
Camp Evergreen is a Christian camp near Sundre AB, that seeks to see lives transformed by the power
of Jesus. Each summer we have approximately 1000 campers come through our programs and we get
to have a blast with them as we share the love of Jesus Christ. This summer we are seeking people to
join our staff team that want to partner with us in this mission.
Camp Evergreen has various positions available:

Head Counselor
Primary Resource to Cabin Leaders (2 positions, preferably 20+ years)
4-month position
• Works with cabin leading staff as a support and peer leader. The Head Counselors are the "goto"
person for Cabin staff when working through challenging cabin and camper situations
(homesickness, cabin unity, bullying). May be required to call parents to problem solve when
challenges with campers arise.
• Head Counselors will organize and facilitate Small Groups and Prayer Teams May to August.
• Assists in Summer Staff Training, mentors and leads Cabin Leaders, and when required, is
involved in basic staff discipline.
• This position requires a flexible, dynamic leader who is passionate about discipleship,
mentoring, resolving conflict, and developing leaders.

Internship Director
Developing Leaders Program (2 positions, 1 male & 1 female, preferably 20+ years)
2 or 4-month position
• Intern Directors lead our two 4-week Internship Program for campers going into grade 11 and
12. Our Internship Program is the last stepping stone for campers who would like to become
staff members at Evergreen.
• Responsible for leading spiritual discipleship sessions, guiding personal growth of campers, and
teaching them the skills of the activities. Intern Directors will work with other staff leaders to
help with Intern skill development.
• This position requires a flexible, dynamic and creative self-starter who has a passion for
teaching, discipleship, and developing leaders.
• This is considered a teaching position.

Media Director
1 position. preferably 20+ years
4-month position
• Responsible for leading the team that will produce the daily and weekly montage videos. These
videos will include footage of every camper and every cabin for each week along with a
Speaker's Corner. The "Weekly" and the "Speaker's Corner" will be posted on Evergreen's
Video site once finished.
• Responsible for compiling the eight "Weekly" videos at the end of the summer into one single
long video.
• Media Director will take leadership of the Media Team or any staff that is assigned to Media for
the week.
• Responsible for the care and maintenance of the Media equipment.
• Responsible for creating one 1.5-2 minute long promotional video by summer's end.
• This positions requires a self-driven personality who is good at time management and is capable
of meeting deadlines on a daily and weekly basis. Persons interested in this position should be
creative, able to work independently and on a team.

Chapel Coordinator
Plan, Organize & Lead Chapels (1 position, preferably 20+ years)
4-Month Position
• The Chapel coordinator works under the program team and is the primary person responsible
for the organization of our two chapel times each day. Leading Chapel includes planning
worship songs, organizing worship teams and practice times, communicating with the speaker
about specific needs as well as being the person up front on the mic for chapels.
• Secondary responsibilities of the chapel coordinator include helping out with activities when
needed and assisting head councelors when needed.
• This person should be musically inclined and have a passion for leading others in worship.
• This person should be a team player who is good at leading people, organizing and creating

Cabin Leader
Multiple Positions
2 or 4 month positions available
• Working with another Cabin Leader, Head Cabin Leaders are responsible for a cabin for 8
weeks of the summer. Cabins typically have 10 campers. Cabin Leaders are responsible for the
total care of their campers while they are at camp.
• Expected to create a unified, fun, exciting, and Christ-centered atmosphere in their cabin. It is
their goal to make their campers' "camp dreams come true".
• These staff members need to be willing and prepared to work with campers from a wide
demographic, learning abilities, and personalities. Head Cabin Leaders will be supported by the
Head Counselors and Leadership Team.
• Head Cabin Leaders need to be willing and ready to share the Gospel and lead devotions with
their cabin after chapel.
• Head Cabin Leaders are expected to attend the Training Week for the season they are working
(Spring, Summer, or both) in which they will receive training to lead activities and obtain skills
to lead well in their cabins over the summer. Head Cabin Leaders need to be creative, energetic,
compassionate, and positive. They need to be passionate about kids, having fun, and sharing
Details on Positions:
• 4 Month Positions (April 26th -August 28th)
• Pay is based on a monthly honorarium (700-900/month), with an opportunity to earn more
through our entrust program or by qualifying for a grant. Please email staff@campevergreen.
com for further information about this. Staff also receive room and board.
• Camp Evergreen is located near Sundre AB
• More details about Camp Evergreen can be found on our website at
To apply for this position please visit our website or click on this link to go directly to our online
application process.

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