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Capitol Security

Apr 16, 2021

Job Description
For nearly 10 years, Capitol Security been helping people make their homes smarter, safer, and more efficient. Each summer we recruit, hire, and train fresh talent to expand our D2D and B2B sales teams across Canada.
The Job:
Capitol is currently hiring sales associates to sell/ promote our security and home automation systems to homes and businesses throughout the country. Though all potential candidates are welcome to apply, this position is ideal for college/ university students who are interested in:
- A position which allows reps to maximize their earnings over the summer months
- Paying down student loan debt
- Funding University expenses
- Building a solid financial base for the future.
- Developing a sales skillset which will be advantageous in any future career
Responsibilities include:
- Explaining and selling our Smart Home products and services to potential clients in their homes and businesses.
- Attend daily training and correlation meetings.
- Increase Capitol's market share by signing new clients, and re-signing existing customers.
- Convert online leads into new customers.
Should You Apply:
This job is not for everyone. Consequently, we look for personality traits in potential candidates which historically have served as reliable indicators of success in this role. Historically our best sales reps have displayed similar attributes and generally have most, not all of the following:
- Play or have played competitive sports, especially in a team environment
- Display Type A personality traits
- Are classified as extroverts
- Are extremely competitive
- Love to talk
- Are personable
- Are self-confident, and are able to handle and overcome rejection easily.
- Are from rural communities
- Are 'Hungry', meaning they do not set an income ceiling for themselves.
- Score high on the 'Grit Scale', see:

 We are selective in hiring as we spend a lot of time and money building up our recruits so that we can put them in a position to be successful. We have spent years making sure that our sales associates and customers are both taken care of resulting in:

- A+ on the BBB
- 4.7/5 on Google
- 4.9/5 on Facebook
- 10/10 on 'Home stars'.

We hire people that fit our mould, are honest, and who are ambitious. If you are looking for a position where your pay is equal to your worth, then this is the position for you.
What You Will Be Paid
- Base commission of $600 per sale, maxing out at $1000 per sale depending on the type of package sold and total Volume.
- Our per rep average in 2020 was 101 Sales per rep. 1 sale per day in the summer season generates $69,600 in commissions for the sales rep.- This is a position where you earn what you produce, you eat what you hunt. The upside is very high.
Our Program
Capitol Security operates in 7 provinces across Canada providing residential and commercial security solutions. Unlike many of our competitors every part of our business, from our monitoring station to our head office, is located in Canada which serves as a unique competitive advantage. 
As a company, we are committed to building the skill set of our sales teams. Ultimately as you grow, we grow. This focus has resulted in a 96% return rate for our summer sales reps year over year. Ultimately though we hire summer students, many eventually turn their summer job into a full-time sales career as our advancement opportunities are solely based on merit and effort.
In addition to our compensation structure we offer weekly, monthly, and annual incentive packages which help keep our reps motivated. Our incentive program is the most lucrative industry and in the past has included everything from company trips to Vegas for McGregor/Mayweather to Macbooks, iPads, Hockey Games, and European Vacations.
What Are You Waiting For?
- No criminal record
- Strong communication skills
- Must have a phone and a laptop
Open Date April 17, 2021
End Date
May 17, 2021