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Coordinator of Children's Ministry

Oct 20, 2021

Coordinator of Children's Ministry
Calvary Baptist Church

At Calvary Baptist Church we believe that children are a valuable part of our church body. God has given us each one of them to help make our church body whole. We believe that our children’s ministry provides the opportunity for children to grow in their understanding and relationship with God. Intergenerational interaction enhances body life and we as God’s people can impact each other through giving and receiving regardless of age and capacity.
The Coordinator of Children’s Ministries oversees the day to day operations of ministry to children from nursery through grade 6. The position is part-time (15-20 hours/week; with flexibility to work evenings and weekends). The Coordinator functions with authority from the Leadership Team and works in cooperation with the Leadership Team, staff members and volunteers.

The COMPETENCIES of the Coordinator of Children’s Ministries are to be:

  • A person with a heart for God evident through an ongoing, growing relationship with God.
  • A person with 2-3 years of volunteer and/or paid position experience in a children’s ministry work setting
  • A person of integrity both personally and professionally.
  • A person with mature judgement.
  • A person with interpersonal and communication skills who strives to create an atmosphere of peace, respect and acceptance.
  • A person in agreement with the Statement of Faith and a willingness to become a member of Calvary Baptist Church.
  • A person with a well-developed theology and philosophy of children’s ministry (nursery to grade 6) that is relevant to the age group and our values.
  • A person with strong planning, organizational and administrative skills.
  • A relational person who is able to lead/coordinate a team of volunteers,  empower individuals, and collaborate with other church ministries as appropriate.
    This position is to be a godly spiritual leader who will coordinate all aspects of children’s ministry in order to:
  • facilitate children coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ through the life-transforming truth of the gospel;
  • encourage and help the children to strengthen their faith and relationship with God; 
  • advance the children’s understanding of and obedience to the Bible;
  • facilitate children in the discovery and practice of their spiritual gifts; 
  • expand the vision of children’s ministry to the children’s families and church body as a whole by facilitating intergenerational communication and interactions
  • encourage the children to deepen their relationships with their parents, siblings, and friends through the practice of Christian beliefs and attitudes
  • assist the Leadership Team in developing this ministry to its greatest potential.
    The expectations for this position include:
  • Deliver Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry: Plan and prepare activities and supplies; schedule volunteer support as needed. 
  • Develop and Implement Curriculum:  Selects, designs, administrates and evaluates the execution of curriculum, programs and topics.
  • Collaborate with Other Ministries: As appropriate, collaborate with other ministries such as the teaching or worship teams in order to enhance intergenerational interactions and Sunday services.
  • Engage Parents:  Communicate regularly with parents concerning the children’s ministry. Listen to cares and concerns in regards to their children and the children’s ministry. 
  • Create an Engaging and Safe Learning Environment: Ensure that all procedures as outlined in ‘Plan to Protect’ are followed. Ensure the ministry space is kept organized and clean.
  • Provide Input To Children’s Ministry Vision And Goals:  In collaboration with the Leadership Team, annually develops and reviews the vision and goals for the children’s ministry, ensuring that these are compatible with and complementary to the broader vision and goals of Calvary Baptist Church. 
  • Coordinate Volunteers:  Successfully attracts, trains, and retains volunteers for children’s ministries. Maximize effectiveness through skillful delegation and coordination of teams of volunteers.
  • Creativity: Consistently bring fresh ideas and approaches to the ministry.
    Please send resume and cover letter to Applications will be reviewed until a suitable candidate is found.
    Note: This position will require completion and review of a criminal record check.