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FACTSnet - Recruitment

Sep 15, 2020

Job Description - Recruitment
Community Development Business Leader

About Us:
FACTSnet provides Networking services to other organizations by developing services, digital
collections and other resources for information networks, with a 2020 emphasis on COVID-19
Networks. In the summer of 2020, FACTSnet shifted their focus to assisting disadvantaged
youth and young adults (Project Name: ‘15-30’) including: Newcomers to Canada, Indigenous
People, Visible Minorities, and people with disabilities .
Hours of Work: 20-40 hrs/week
Number of Positions: 2
Start Date: September 28 or November 9

What We Offer:
At FACTSnet, we operate fully under a virtual workspace in adaptation to Covid-19.
- Leadership Experiences
- Work from home
- Flexible Work Schedule
- Offer additional virtual training on Career and Personal Development (You will be
sponsored to take the Maximize Your COVID-19 Potential course).
- Encourage employees to use 20% of work time on Career and Personal Development.
Job Roles & Summary:
FACTSnet is funded by Canada Summer Jobs to offer Young Adults jobs. We are also applying
for consulting and internship funding for next year. We currently have two Business related
positions open. These positions will require you to contribute a total of 280 work hours. You will
have 8 to 16 weeks from the date you are hired to complete these work hours.
We are looking for candidates who are proactive and wish to gain leadership experiences. Your
main role will be working in the Business Team, developing the 15-30 Network . You will also
have the chance to lead a small team in working on projects, by planning, assigning tasks and
supervising. In addition, the other important role of a team leader is to create admin records
about your team’s plans and progress. You will also be responsible for payroll and related
accounting procedures (training will be provided). Currently, FACTSnet has various ongoing
projects that we are researching. (For information about other projects, please refer to our
Lastly, FACTSnet is an non-discriminatory workplace, and we want to encourage candidates of
visible minorities to apply.
For more information, you can refer to FACTSnet’s Website ( ) and 2020 Job

- Must be between 15-30 years of age
- Canadian Citizen
- Permanent Resident
- Valid SIN
Targeted Majors:
- Accounting
- Finance
- Human Resources
- Ability to work virtually.
- Proactive
- Leadership Skills
- Effective and Efficient Communications
- Ability to work independently and in a team environment
- Accounting & Payroll Management Preferred
- Recruiting Experience Preferred
Work Experience:
No previous work-related experience needed (training provided).
How to Apply:
To all interested candidates, please send a cover letter (1 page) and resume (1-2 page) to In your letter, indicate which constituencies you are interested in, and
which other networks you may be interested to work on. Also, indicate when you would be
available for an interview, after Monday, September 21st.