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Love that Plant

Apr 09, 2021

Development of prototype to monitor water/ moisture loss of potted plants

Background: Abbas Mancey, founder of Love That Plant (, has a concept idea to develop a sensor-based prototype to monitor and provide alerts when potted plants need to be watered. Ideally the device should have the following features: WiFi connectivity, rechargeable, incorporate one or two different sensors, provide an alert (by sound, light & text) and should not rely on expensive technology. A list of hardware components for building a programable circuit was compiled using the Arduino platform.

Job Description:
Work with Abbas to build a working prototype of a sensor-base (WiFi) connected device to monitor water/moisture loss in potted plants. Below are some of the main tasks envisioned (to be discussed):

  1. Develop and build circuitry needed for a sensor-based water/ moisture monitoring device.
  2. Develop the required program or code for a working prototype described above. Including iterating design as needed to ensure working prototype.
  3. If successful and there is interest, potentially pitch idea/concept for seed funding for further development of prototype (details to be worked out during prototype development phase).               

Terms of Agreement:
This project is for a student practicum position, exact time commitment to be discussed and agreed upon. Estimated time commitment would be at least 60 to 80 hours, depending on experience and knowledge of the student, with a flexible work schedule. Love That Plant will cover the cost of all the materials needed and provide $400 honorarium to the student for the time spent developing the prototype.
Note: Besides technical skills, the ideal student should have some experience caring for one or more house plants (ability to empathize in the design process is critical).
To apply please email Abbas at with your name, area of study and why you’re interested in working on this project.