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Maranatha Christian Reformed Church, Edmonton, AB

Jul 15, 2021

Maranatha Christian Reformed Church, Edmonton, AB
Are you passionate about discipleship? Do you have a heart for serving a multicultural and multigenerational congregation? Maranatha CRC is seeking to add an Associate Pastor to their ministry team.
Position: Associate Pastor of Congregational Life
FTE: Full time [40 hours/week (includes Sundays)]

Job Description:
In obedience to Jesus’ command to “make disciples of all nations”, Maranatha Christian
Reformed Church seeks to nurture and grow, through worship and ministries, the faith
of all its members, and the Associate Pastor of Congregational Life (Associate Pastor)
will be instrumental in encouraging Maranatha’s members to grow deeper in faith. This
faith will be evidenced by the ability and desire to gather for worship; by growth in both
motivation and ability to serve; and by developing relationships with other members for
the purpose of accountability, encouragement and support. The Associate Pastor will be
responsible for taking the lead in cultivating a culture of faith development. Maranatha is
unique in that roughly 35% of its congregation are 1st generation immigrants, most of
whom lived in refugee camps before coming here. Maranatha has become increasingly
multicultural with at least 7 distinct cultures present each Sunday. In light of this, the
Associate Pastor will be responsible for developing a faith culture hospitable to different
cultures and backgrounds.
The 3 main areas of focus for the Associate Pastor will be:
● Youth ministry: dedicate 25% of time to leading youth ministry, alongside
● Internal community development: encourage and create a culture of faith
formation of all members
● Development and support of volunteer leaders: support, encourage, and
equip volunteers of various ministries, including but not limited to Youth Group,
GEMS, Cadets, Sunday School, Church Council (Elders and Deacons), and
Worship ministry.
Tasks and Responsibilities
● Intentional in encouraging members to share their faith by both word and deed.
To this end, the Associate Pastor should be able to motivate enthusiasm for
voluntary involvement such as Bible studies and service in Maranatha, which will
be evidenced by a greater variety of congregation members being involved in
Maranatha’s ministries, including members who were previously uninvolved.
● Be responsible for recruitment and encouragement of volunteers in various
ministries as needed (see below for further clarification)
○ Organize/support/find leaders for Bible studies and small groups in various
demographics of the congregation (for example, helping find curriculum,
and recruit/encourage/support group leaders as needed)

As part of leading youth ministry, the Associate Pastor should provide spiritual
and practical leadership in development of Maranatha’s youth ministry, including
selection of curriculum, and selection and equipping of other leaders as needed.
○ The Associate Pastor should either lead or support someone who is willing
to lead these ministries:
■ Sunday School
■ Church School
■ Cadets
■ Homework Club
■ Youth Group: Jr High (grade 7-9), and Sr High (grades 10-12)
■ College and Careers (after high school – age 30)
● Reach out/check in with the volunteer leaders at least once/month, whether it be
a phone call, text, or in person meeting.
● Work with other church and community leaders in the Beverly community to
promote community involvement, encourage unity within the Body of Christ, and
to reach out to the local residents where possible (for example, the Beverly Clean
Up, working with other local community organizations and churches, etc.).
● Ordinarily the Associate Pastor should attend all Council meetings, Consistory
(Elder) meetings, Deacons meetings, Staff meetings, Worship Committee
meetings, Congregational meetings, and any other meeting or event as
requested by Council. Although not expected to chair any of these meetings, the
Associate Pastor should be prepared to provide mature, spiritual guidance and
leadership at these meetings and to actively participate in discussions so that
Maranatha’s ministries can be effectively supported and enhanced.
● The Associate Pastor will coordinate office hours with the Lead Pastor, and will
be provided an office at the church.
● The Associate Pastor will have a strong working relationship with the Lead
Pastor meeting regularly (at least weekly) to discuss ministry.
● Unless on vacation, the Associate Pastor is expected to be present at all worship
services, lead the congregational prayer at least once a month, and occasionally
participate in worship services as mutually agreed upon. (For example, the
Associate Pastor would address the congregation from time to time on significant
issues that affect the life of the congregation, or provide announcements/updates
on ministry opportunities, or preach under supervision of the Lead Pastor and
● The Associate Pastor needs to intentionally foster relationships on Sunday

The Ideal Candidate Will Reflect the Following Characteristics and Attributes:
● A disciple of Jesus evidenced by such fruits of the Spirit as forgiveness, patience,
faithfulness, gentleness and self-control
● A commitment to Christ and His church
● The ability to speak openly and honestly about personal spiritual journey
● A heart for encouraging members to put Jesus’ teachings into daily practice and
to live out their faith wherever they are
● Prayerfulness with the ability to model and teach prayer with empathy and
● A desire to serve in a multicultural setting
● A love for the people living in the Beverly community and world
● Understanding and commitment to the Reformed perspective on world and life
● Strong pastoral skills
● An understanding of faith development/formation
● Strong organizational, prioritizing, and leadership skills
● An ability to work closely with other staff members and volunteers
● A member (or willing to become) in good standing of Maranatha Christian
Reformed Church and an active participant in the life of Maranatha
Education and Experience:
• 2-4 years of post-secondary education in Bible Studies, Theology, Christian
Ministry or Youth Ministry, AND
• At least 2 years of ministry-related experience (including volunteer work or
Projected Outcome:
● Overall, but particularly among our youth, a deeper love for God
● Youth emerging into adulthood with a clear sense of their own faith
● A deeper understanding and love for the multicultural reality of the church
● An increase in people motivated and equipped for service
• Salary will be commensurate with education and experience (to a maximum of
$45,000, plus benefits)
• An allowance for related professional development
o One course per year to develop Associate Pastor of Congregational Life in
an area of growth based on the needs of the Associate Pastor and the
church. Course to be approved by Council.
• Travel/mileage reimbursement for job-related travel and parking
• Vacation time: 2 weeks of vacation annually, plus 4 Sundays off per year
• Hospitality allowance: reimbursement for ministry-related social expenses (for
example, taking someone for coffee)
Reports to Lead Pastor
Special Notes:
● Clear Police Check with Vulnerable Sector Check
Contact Carolyn Woudstra at for more information and to apply.
Applications close August 31, 2021.