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Psychologists' Association of Alberta

Jul 15, 2021

Career Development Officer
Job Description 01 July 2021
1.0 FTE
Five days/week
Team Lead
Member Communities, Mentorship Program, Practice Enhancement, Career Supports
Team Member
Practice Advisors, Membership, Membership, Referral Service, Continuing Professional Development & Website
This position reports to the Chief Executive Officer

  • Higher Logic Platform Lead for Communities of Practice
  • Support lead for PAA Communities of Practice
  • Administrative support for the PAA Committee on Communities of Practice
  • Responsible for member engagement in PAA Collaborate.


  • Higher Logic Platform Lead for Mentorship Software
  • Administrative support for the Mentorship Taskforce
  • Integration of mentorship programming


  • Lead for the PAA Professional Ethics Round Tables
  • Support for the PAA Practice Advisor program
  • Lead for PAA Supervision Supports projects
  • Private Practice resource development – to include templates for private practice, practice expansion supports, etc.
  • Cultural competency supports for members.


  • Higher Logic Platform Lead for development volunteer coordination
  • Lead for member career supports.
  • Career development resources page for public (becoming a psychologist)
  • Career development resources for members
  • Leadership development for members
  • Equity and diversity career supports.
  • Supports for student members.
  • Supports for PRP (provisionally registered psychologist) members
  • Supports for early career, mid-career, and life members.
  • Supports for members into retirement.


  • Responsible to assist staff with functions listed in team member areas above.
  • Assist with all other staff & projects as required.
  • Other duties as assigned by the CEO. 


  • Networking and collaboration skills
  • Organizational skills and planning skills
  • Leadership and assertiveness skills for public service
  • Technological skills for online environments
  • Proofreading skills and attention to detail
  • Pleasing, personable, accommodating disposition & team player
  • Knowledge of procedures & policies of PAA
  • Represent PAA in a professional, courteous manner ensuring absolute confidentiality is maintained.
  • Ability to work under pressure, particularly during peak periods.


  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Project management experience an asset.
  • Human relation or career development experience an asset.
  • Experience in related fields considered.


  • Preference given to PAA members.

Closing date for applications 01 August 2021 
Start date of 01 September 2021 
Queries to be sent to

Please send your cover letter and resume to