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Vantage Marketing Canada

Dec 02, 2020

Vantage Marketing Canada
Position : Sales Representative
Number of Positions: 20
Locations : Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Calgary
Start Date : May 1st, 2021
End Date: August 31st, 2021
Application Deadline : April 15th, 2021
Please email resume to :

Job Description :
Vantage Canada has an entirely different, entirely unique summer job opportunity. We hire
students from Canadian Universities, train them extensively and then employ them to work and
live in Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Toronto for the summer. We provide fully furnished
apartments/housing (rent free) and give students the opportunity to earn a higher than average
summer income (our 2020 average earnings per student was $18,213 over the course of the
four month summer). Students work in a sales role marketing residential services for Terminix
International. Students canvas pre-assigned subdivisions performing sales presentations to
homeowners and are compensated based on their number of sales made as opposed to hours
As such we look for highly accomplished, extremely motivated individuals who are not looking
to just pass the summer by, but rather want to maximize their earnings, travel within Canada,
and gain valuable and transferable business skills.
Vantage Canada recruits over achievers from campuses across the country. This connects
you with like-minded, ambitious students and creates an entirely new network of friends and
business colleagues. This job also allows you to travel, should you so choose, as many of our
sales reps work in a different province each month. Those who prefer to stick closer to home,
can also do so.
This past summer, we are proud to say that our highest rookie producer in Canada was able to
earn over $60,000 in just 4 months!
Vantage Canada sales reps come back to school in the fall with a new set of business and
interpersonal skills that are simply not taught in university. In this job, you will be performing
thousands of sales presentations to a very diverse group of people across major cities in
Canada. Our reps come back with a new level of confidence and ability to communicate with
people of all ages and backgrounds. Nervous doing presentations in class? You won't be after
a summer with Vantage!
If you are truly interested in setting yourself apart. Living and exploring our beautiful country. All
while gaining financial freedom, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.