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Jun 03, 2021

Title: Chinese Ministry Developer
Ministry: WHEN
Location: Langley, BC
Reports to: National Director, WHEN
Position Overview
WHEN Staff inspire leaders from different cultural backgrounds to discover and
experience the power of Jesus Christ and bring positive change in themselves, their
families and communities. A WHEN Ministry Developer will work to propel the ministry by
finding key volunteer leaders who will join us on this faith adventure and equip them for
personal ministry.
P2C Mission Statement
Power to Change seeks to help people know Jesus and experience His power to change
the world.
WHEN Mission Statement
Connecting women to Jesus Christ and the local church.
WHEN Vision Statement
Providing opportunities in various languages in different cities for women to hear,
experience and embrace the grace of Jesus Christ.
Primary Objectives:
This role will be held accountable to achieving the following objectives:
Equipping Leaders (35% of weekly time):
● WHEN volunteer teams trained in servant leadership skills, event planning,
discovery group leadership, evangelism, and discipleship skills.
● Resources researched and proposed for teams in strategic planning for
multiplication and growth, evangelism training, and discovery group material.
● Volunteer leaders supported identifying and solving problems.
Event Coordination (30% of weekly time)
● Worked with team chairs to mobilize volunteers to bring potential new team
members to vision-casting events.
● Facilitated training and leadership development opportunities when appropriate.
● Coordinated discovery groups in a timely fashion (organize leaders and
● Managed and Supported volunteers to plan and execute outreach events for a
defined audience.
● Assisted team with all event logistics (organized interview recording, set up online
registration and monitored online registration, coordinated the filming of the
interview, assisted with the editing of recordings, assisted with the set up and
execution of online events via Zoom or WHEN online platform.
Inspire Leaders (20% of weekly time):
● Built ongoing lasting relationships with volunteer team leaders.
● Cultivated and networked with potential team members.
● Cultivated and networked with potential church partners.
General (15% of weekly time):
● Contributed information reports for WHEN publications and P2C reports.
● Identified opportunities and barriers regarding growth of WHEN ministry.
This position also requires Ministry Partner Development where the successful candidate
will be required to build a team which provides financial and prayer support for salary and
ministry expenses including benefits coverage.
Education & Experience:
• 2 years of experience in ministry would be considered an asset, particularly ministering
in cross-cultural context.
• Experience in recruiting and leading volunteers
• Experience in hosting events (100-200 people) through Zoom or willingness to learn.
• Basic video editing skills or the willingness to learn
Required Skills & Abilities:
● Consistently walks in the power of the Spirit.
● Disciplined to seek the Lord and grow in personal relationship with Him.
● Willing to be flexible to work with volunteers.
● Positive and full of faith.
● Spiritual leader and learner.
● Positive and Resourceful.
● Team builder and player.
● Courage to dream big, face reality, speak the truth, advocate for needs and face
● Able to lead Discovery and Growth groups.
● Willing and able to travel to volunteers within the Lower Mainland
● Speak, read and write fluent Cantonese, Mandarin or both
● Good organizational skills to coordinate and delegate administrative support to WHEN
overall ministry and volunteers.
Other Requirements:
A growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a pre-existing belief and
demonstration of lifestyle as outlined in the P2C Code of Conduct and Statement
of Faith and abide by the biblical principles outlined in these documents.
This position requires Ministry Partner Development. The successful candidate will have
the privilege to build a partnership team which provides financial and prayer support for
the ministry. The financial support will cover the costs of the candidate’s salary and
ministry expenses. Power to Change believes that Ministry Partner Development is
biblical and God will provide everything necessary to fulfill the calling into ministry:
finances, emotional strength and perseverance. Building a ministry partnership team is
an integral part of being in ministry. There are many opportunities to bless and
encourage the partnership team. Power to Change is committed to providing training
and coaching that ensures success in Ministry Partner Development.