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Feb 05, 2021

Voice of Albertans with Disabilities (VAD) is dedicated to supporting individuals, organizations, government representatives, schools, business personnel and employers to reduce the barriers and find solutions that prevent full participation. 

Our project aims to create awareness about the non-profit organization and consider a non-profit organization a career opportunity. The team with the sponsor initiated a social media campaign called #WorkForNonProfits. 


The nonprofit sector is known to provide a high and meaningful purpose to its employees, so nonprofit employees are often extremely passionate and energetic for their work. Ironically, nonprofits often struggle with hiring new employees. One of the reasons behind this involves the lack of awareness of benefits and positive opportunities for a nonprofit organization. People looking for a good career or career change are often unaware of how their work-life balance could be better after joining a nonprofit organization.


Visit the VAD website, WorkforNonProfits; under the #WorkForNonProfits Job Postings, they are a list of the job opportunities

#WorkForNonProfits Job Postings

VAD is happy to share job postings from the non profit sector on our website - please visit the links listed for job information.

CASS currently has a few job postings up on our website. They can be found at the following URLs: