Dining FAQ

What do I do if I have a severe allergy or other dietary need?

Students with special dietary needs due to allergies or medical reasons are asked to complete a dietary restriction form, available from the Residence Life Coordinator, and provide a doctor’s note to confirm the restriction. The form and doctor’s note should be given to Student Life.


What kind of food does the cafeteria offer?

The cafeteria serves North American and European cuisine with regular specials of well-loved ethnic dishes such as Indian butter chicken. Almost all of our meals are made from scratch and in house.

Are there healthy/vegan/vegetarian choices on the menu?

The kitchen always has healthy sandwiches and salads  in the coolers. A sandwich bar is also available at any time allowing students to custom make their own wrap or sandwich.

There is always a vegan/vegetarian warm meal choice for lunch and dinner.

Do you have to buy the supper special every night?

Diners can choose any option from our extensive menu on weekday evenings.

Do I have to put money on my student card to buy from the cafeteria?

Payment options include cash, debit, and declining balance meal plan. Residence students in the tower and tower suites are required to purchase a meal plan to use at the cafeteria. Commuter and apartment students are welcome to buy a meal plan, can add money to their ID card in $75 increments, or pay for their meals by cash or debit. 



How can I keep track of my dining dollars?

Each time you purchase food or beverages on campus your dining dollars remaining balance is displayed on the register and your receipt. You may also ask a cashier at any time to tell you how many dining dollars are in your account.

What if I run out of money on my meal plan?

Students can add money to their meal plan in $75 increments or pay for their meals by cash or debit.

What if I have a prepaid food account balance at the end of the term?

Being proactive is the best way to ensure you don’t have leftover money on your meal plan. Money remaining at the end of the fall semester is transferred to winter semester, but any remaining balance at the end of winter semester is non-refundable. Check your balance on your meal plan periodically to see how much money you are spending and change your habits accordingly so that you don’t end up with a large amount left later in the year. Some students find buying more expensive meals can help them use up any excess balance while others opt to drink more bottled drinks.

What if I have plans during the supper hours of the cafeteria?

Students who have time conflicts during meal hours can pre-order and pay for their meal. The chef will make and store the order in the cooler for the student to pick up at their convenience.

What do I do if I lose my ID card?

Student ID cards can be replaced for a fee in the Registration and Student Finance Office and should be reported missing immediately for security reasons.

Can I suggest a special to the chef?

We would love to hear your suggestions! Please see the Chef or Food Services Director.