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Covenant Christian Reformed Church - Youth Pastor

Jun 06, 2019

Covenant Christian Reformed Church - Position Description

Mission Statement of Covenant CRC: Sharing Christ until everyone fully reflects Him
Youth Pastor - Joint Position between Covenant CRC and Transcona CRC (Winnipeg)

Purpose: The primary goal of the youth pastor is to design, coordinate, and oversee a
comprehensive Youth Ministry and Young Adult Ministry, reflecting the mission statements of
Covenant CRC and Transcona CRC

Position: This is a full-time position
Supervision: The Youth Pastor is accountable to the councils of CCRC and TCRC via the Youth
Ministry Team, with day-to-day supervision by the Senior Pastor of CCRC, and regular check-ins with
the Youth Ministry Team. An annual performance evaluation will be done by the Senior Pastor of
CCRC and the Youth Ministry Team. Annual goals and objectives will be submitted for approval at
these meetings.


1. Relational Ministry - the Youth Pastor will build relationships with youth and young adults, to disciple
them into a personal relationship with God in both large group and smaller relational environments
with the assistance of the Youth Ministry Team. The Youth Pastor will
a. Teach the Word to give a biblical understanding and life application of the gospel.
b. Challenge participants to live and practice their faith at home, school, work and
c. Identify the ministry passions and spiritual gifts of participants and encourage them to
develop and use their gifts with the body of Christ and beyond.
d. Be visible at school events by visiting schools, athletic events, concerts, chapel and
other important events for students.
e. Maintain connections with students as they transition to Young Adult Ministry.
f. Coordinate regular personal contact with students, ensuring each student feels
connected to a leader / mentor.
g. Be available for counselling, prayer, and spiritual encouragement for youth and young
adults, in conjunction with and support of elders and the senior pastors.
h. Seek ways and opportunities for Youth and Young Adults to grow and serve inside
and outside the church, locally and away (eg. SERVE), both churched and unchurched,
thereby reflecting the mission of CCRC and TCRC.
i. Encourage and connect with the larger congregation in ministry opportunities and
faith-forming practices. (eg. worship, outreach, etc)
j. Work with various church youth events (such as camp, VBS, and others) when called

2. Identify, Attract, Lead and Develop Leaders and Teams
a. Build relationships with those who share a passion to connect and grow with students and
young adults
b. Develop and equip volunteers to mentor, lead programs and join Youth Ministry Team
c. Supervise the work of youth leaders and mentors.
d. Assist in preparation of annual youth budget and be responsible for expenses
3. Communication
a. Weekly bulletin announcements and emails to parents
b. Regular website updates, communication via social media (Facebook, Instagram)
c. Monthly reports to Council and elders, and attend meetings as invited
d. Report to the larger congregations at congregational meetings
e. Attend worship regularly at TCRC or CCRC, with occasional attendance at the other
f. Make connections with other Youth Pastors within the greater Winnipeg area and the
CRC, and foster opportunities to connect with other Youth Ministries

Position Requirements
● Education - the following qualifications are not required, but are considered strong assets:
○ Post-secondary education in theology or Biblical studies
○ Post-secondary education and/or proven experience in Youth Ministry
● Background checks - CCRC and TCRC operate under Safe Church guidelines. You must have a
clean Police Background Check and Vulnerable Sector check. Safe Church training must be done
as soon as possible after starting this position.
● Christian character
○ Must be a disciple of Jesus, with a strong personal faith made evident by things such as
personal devotions, corporate worship, participation in church family life, positive Christian
relationships, and solid Biblical background, all of which are rooted and in agreement with
the reformed worldview professed by the CRCNA.
○ Must be or become a professing member of CCRC or TCRC
● Communication skills
○ Evidence of an ability to communicate and motivate people between 13 and 30
○ Strong organizational and communication skills, both verbal and written
○ Ability to use social media to build relationships and promote ministry
● Leadership qualities
○ Evidence of solid youth leadership experience
○ Models servant leadership
○ Ability to encourage and motivate others in a positive manner
○ Valid driver’s license and personal vehicle
○ Submit to Safe Church guidelines as outlined by CCRC
○ Embrace the mission of Covenant CRC and Transcona CRC

Other Details This is a salaried, full-time position (40 hours per week). Compensation
commensurate with experience, education, and annual evaluation. Family benefits
and Housing Allowance included Vacation is paid, starting at 3 weeks. Leadership
development funds are available on request.

Position Start Date - to be negotiated
Application - please email the following to
● Letter of introduction (one page), including your philosophy of how and why to do youth
● Resume (ministry experiences, educational background, etc)

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