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Dayspring Presbyterian Church - Youth Coordinator

Jul 15, 2019


Dayspring Presbyterian Church

11445 40 Avenue

Edmonton, AB

Phone: 780-435-3111


A Youth Coordinator position is available at Dayspring Presbyterian Church. 

Details of this position are outlined below.  Applications are being accepted now and a review of applications will occur on September 1, 2019 and continue until a successful candidate has been found. 


Youth Coordinator Position Description:

Under the direction of the Minister, the Dayspring Youth Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all the youth activities in the congregation, attending to the youth needs of the congregation and as required providing assistance to the Minister in preparation of the weekly worship service.

All provisions of this position description are subject to the regulations of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) – in particular to regulations having to do with “Leading with Care” and other policies of the PCC as found at and to the directives of the PCC Book of Forms, s. 112.7 regarding the “professional church educator.”

Reporting Structure:

This position reports to the Minister of Dayspring Presbyterian Church and the Christian Education Ministry Team.


  • Responsible for coordinating all youth activities internally in the congregation and externally with other youth and community groups which have been identified in collaboration with the Minister and the Christian Education Ministry Team.
  • Provide religious education, spiritual guidance and moral support to the congregation as required.
  • Administer special missional and community support programs for the youth.
  • Participate in worship and program leadership under the direction of the Minister.
  • Sit on special committees as a staff member as required.
  • Encourage participation in Presbytery, Synod, and Camp, national youth events and/or mission projects involving youth and/or children.
  • Serve as liaison with the administrative assistant for bulletin announcements and the celebration of activities for youth and other Christian Education events, as needed.

Training, Benefits and Other Remuneration:

  • The Youth Coordinator role is a part time position. It is intended to be an average of 10 hours per week.  Hours are set to meet church requirements and may require additional time to meet deadlines.  Compensation for hours worked beyond the agreed 10 hours per week must be approved in advance by the Minister.
  • Salary will be $18.00 per hour.
  • Salary will be reviewed annually, normally in October, to determine if changes are required.
  • Some committee meetings or youth activities are in the evenings or on the weekend and should be scheduled to meet the needs of the youth and the Coordinator.
  • Regular consultation with the Minister is required; a regular meeting schedule to be agreed upon.
  • Training and development courses will be discussed with the Minister and/or the Christian Education Ministry Team who will authorize and approve expenditures as required, subject to approved budgets.
  • Reasonable out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed, subject to approval by the minister.
  • An allowance will be provided for use of a personal cell phone on Dayspring business.
  • Other benefits such as sick leave, bereavement leave, etc. are governed by the respective Dayspring policies.
  • Annually (usually in June), meet with the Dayspring Human Resources team to review this job description to determine if changes are believed necessary.


  • The Youth Coordinator will use the specific e-mail address assigned to this position for all e-mail communications related to church business.
  • Youth under 18 years old are minors and communication with and permission from the parents is required for all activities.


  • Theologically and spiritually mature.
  • Desire to see youth grow spiritually and socially in the congregation and the wider Church.
  • Ability to work with and relate to youth of different ages
  • Able to effectively communicate orally and in writing
  • Able to work well with others
  • Time management skills; organized
  • Works independently and/or as part of a team.
  • Knowledge/expertise with appropriate software applications.
  • Self-motivated and initiative taking


The Youth Coordinator will not disclose information to third parties about the Minister, Staff members, or congregational members or adherents.  However, the Youth Coordinator will not keep secrets – rather will be guided by the Minister, Christian Education Ministry Team and Human Resources Team concerning how to manage any sensitive information.

Applications or enquiries:

Please direct any applications or enquiries to:

Dayspring Presbyterian Church Office


11445 40 Ave NW,

Edmonton, AB T6J 0R5

Phone 780 435-3111 Ext 2    Fax 780 434-8002

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