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GAO Tek - Virtual Intern

May 15, 2019

Job Title: Virtual Intern or CO-OP - HR
Job Type: Internship or CO-OP
Job Experience: 0 - 5 year

Job Description
- Your tasks include replying applicant`s emails, screening replies, and scheduling interviews by
senior HR staff

- Post job ads on general career websites, university and college career websites, and internship

- Develop relationships with universities and colleges who have intern programs
- You may work with both GAO Tek Inc., and GAO RFID Inc.

- You are studying for or shall have a university degree in HR, Business Administration,
Organizational Psychology, or any related fields
- You shall be keen to learn, willing to work hard, and committed to the job. You shall have chosen
HR as your desired career and is strongly interested in an intern opportunity related to HR

Benefits of this internship include
You gain real world work experiences at an internationally reputable high tech company;
Learn real world knowledge, work ethics, team spirits;
Receive 3 certificates, and
It is short & convenient: you can work from anywhere, makes you much more employable
and competitive in the job market.

How to apply
Eligible and interested candidates are requested to submit your cover letter and resume
to, by May 31, 2019.
Company Name: GAO Tek Inc.
GAO Tek Inc.
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite A31
Manhattan, New York,

N.Y., 10001, USA

Phone: 289-660-5590

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