Disability and Accommodation

The King’s University seeks to provide accommodation services to its students with disabilities in accordance with its mission, vision, and values, and under legislation from the Alberta Human Rights Commission’s Duty to Accommodate

The purpose of accommodation services is to provide a level playing field where students with documented disabilities have the opportunity to actualize their God-given capabilities without unreasonable hindrance or barrier to their education. Accommodation services do not diminish the academic expectation on the individual student, but allows the student to explore classroom accommodations that cater to unique learning needs.

The King’s University asks that students seeking disability support self-identify with the Student Success Coordinator (SSC) by disclosing relevant information regarding the disability. Once initial contact is made, appropriate arrangements for accommodation will be formalized in conversation with the SSC.

To request accommodation services, please follow the steps outlined in the Requesting Accommodation Services section. For further inquiry or clarification, contact the SSC at accessibility@kingsu.ca.

Please note that all documentation and details regarding disabilities are kept confidential in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).


The Student Success Coordinator provides all students with the following:

  • information regarding disability accommodation
  • recommendations to qualified professionals where needed for documenting purposes
  • guidance toward supports and services that will positively contribute to the realization of their academic goals regardless of acceptance into accommodation