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Camp Evergreen - Barn Staff

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Feb 28, 2018

Camp Evergreen

Barn Staff (Summer Position)

Camp Evergreen is a Christian camp near Sundre AB, that seeks to see lives transformed by the power of Jesus. Each summer we have approximately 1000 campers come through our programs and we get to have a blast with them as we share the love of Jesus Christ. This summer we are seeking people to join our staff team that want to partner with us in this mission.

Barn Staff (5-6 positions, 17+years) – 2 and 4 month positions available

• These staff members will assist the Head Wrangler and Assistant Wrangler in implementing our Horsemanship Program and Guest Group trail rides.

• They are responsible for daily chores and training horses as set forward by the Head Wrangler and Assistant Wrangler.

• May be required to go on a Trails Away Out-Trip.

• Will be required to assist in teaching a variety of outdoor education and recreation groups in May and June.

Required Skills:

• Experience working with Horses (Can confidently control their own horse when riding at various speeds.)

• Good work ethic

• Basic knowledge of safety around horses

• experience with children

• level headed in any situation that may occur with the horses.


• 4 Month Position (April 30-August 25)

• 2 Month position (June 26-August 25)

• Pay is based on a monthly honorarium (700-900/month), with an opportunity to earn more through our entrust program or by qualifying for a grant. Please email for further information about this. Staff also receive room and board.

• Camp Evergreen is located near Sundre AB

• More details about Camp Evergreen can be found on our website at

To apply for this position please visit our website or click on to go directly to our online application process.

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