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Internship at Romero House

Nov 14, 2017

Romero House has been providing a home in Toronto for refugees for 25 years.  The work of facilitating the settlement of our residents to Canadian life is mainly carried out by a team of very well compensated interns under the direction and with the support of our director, Jenn McIntyre,  and our founder, Mary Jo Leddy.   Interns are given a wide range of duties and responsibilities with many opportunities to develop advocacy skills while becoming very knowledgeable about the workings of the Canadian Immigration system.  Our interns live in the same houses as our residents and are integrated fully into a dynamic and supportive community.  In addition, our interns receive a great deal of professional development as well as opportunities to network with other organizations and professionals in the refugee settlement field. Past and present  interns have expressed their gratitude for the experience of making a real difference in the lives of people undergoing major transitions.  In selecting our interns, we attempt to have a team which is representative of the diverse population of Canada and which includes international members.  ​​ Please see the attached poster for further information.

To learn more about these opportunities and how to apply, please visit  The deadline for applications for both the summer and the full-year internships is the end of January, 2018.


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