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Support Staff for Disabled Son

Mar 28, 2018

Needed: Support Staff who can help provide a fully inclusive life for 30 year old male

To add value and find ways through my son's interests to help provide him with a fully inclusive life, in work, play, and social connection. Some of his interests are: working with Habitat for Humanity building homes, sled hockey, building a war hammer army, and he is a bit of a pool shark. He loves to canoe, walk in river valley, and dogs are his favorite friends.

You would be responsible for planning activities and executing all aspects of the activity including transportation.The job would take place at various location as the list of interests indicates but it can be as simple as hanging at times as we all need a little down time You would need to report weekly as to activities and results of activities you did that week .You would be responsible for tracking any spending and sticking to budgets. It would be 20 hrs a week to start this could lead into a more full time position for the right person.

Wage is $22.97 per hour.

Ideally, applications will be in by April 15, April 30 at the absolute latest.

Contact: Sharon Bauming and send resume to:

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