Handy Hints, Helpful Tips

Help desks

facilities@kingsu.ca | A-136

Facilities helps you with building issues in residence (leaky taps) or the university (building maintenance.)

IT Services
helpdesk@kingsu.ca | A-139

IT helps if you have difficulty accessing one of the university's services. Computer broken? IT will take a look at it. Need to print something? You can print from the library, computer labs, or your own laptop (click on "Student Print Services" in the quick-links at the top of kingsu.ca)  


Employment on Campus
Part-time jobs from September to April for full-time students. View available positions and application deadlines, or contact Meredith Holmes.

Ambassador program
Join the ambassadors! It's an awesome opportunity to meet prospective King's students and promote the school. Watch the board outside of the Admissions office for applications or contact admissions@kingsu.ca

Students' Association (SA)
The SA represents all students. It organizes social events, financially supports clubs, and runs The Level Coffeehouse. Connect with the SA through the TKUSA website.

The Chronicle & The Ballyhoo
Our campus newspaper needs writers, contributors, and photographers. Ballyhoo is King's creative art journal that takes submissions of art, poetry, short stories, and photos. You'll receive small stipends and publicity of your craft.  You could win a prize!

Student Life

Writing Support Services
Need a little help transitioning to university-level writing? We offer tutoring

Counseling Services
Where do I go if I feel depressed, overwhelmed, or need someone to talk to? Professional counselling services are available and free of charge. 

Restorative Justice
Student Life offers a restorative justice process for mediation and conflict resolution between students. 

Safe Spaces
A blue elephant in someone's office means it's a safe space to talk about mental health issues. A rainbow triangle is a safe space for gender and sexual orientation conversations. 

SA's Kingjiji
Buy from other King's students (e.g. cheaper textbooks, off-campus housing options).


Have an important paper due? Whether you need academic resources, access to journals, printing, or just a quiet place to study, the library has your scholarly needs covered.

Your campus textbook and merchandise destination. The bookstore is right beside the front entrance.

Computer Labs and Front Desk

Assignments can be handed in at the front desk during regular building hours. The date and time is stamped on it by the receptionist or security person. 

Workout Centre
Accessible by using your King's ID card or fob. Check with Athletics if you want to use the gym.

The Level Coffeehouse
Fair trade and environmentally friendly business practices are key to supporting a bright future for our world. Our student-run coffee shop offers a great selection of tasty beverages--hot and cold. The coffee is free here when you and your prof meet for coffee!

Getting involved

Chapel is held every Wednesday at 11 a.m. in the Atrium. 

Worship 857
857 is a student-led worship night every Wednesday at 8:57 p.m.

King's Eagles have a ton of events throughout the year. Watch a game and cheer them on!

Campus Rec
Campus Rec offers casual sports competitions to keep you healthy while being casual and fun. Contact the Athletics and Recreation coordinator for more information.

King's has clubs from knitting, to social justice, coffee connoisseuring, and more. 

6:01 Lounge Commuter Programs
Learn about daily activities for commuter students in the tower lounge.


Money questions
For tuition and fees, log in to your Online Services or visit the Registration and Student Finance Office. Check our scholarships and financial aid pages for more information on financing your education.


Parking is free?
Yes! Student parking is in the east part of the back parking lot. A plug-in parking pass is $100 per semester, and you can buy it at the Registry.

Which bus takes me to King's?
Routes near King's are 80, 84, 85, 86, and 306. You can buy bus passes at the Bookstore. 

Where can I leave my bike?
Bike racks and lockers are near the front entrance.

How do I register a locker?
Pick a locker without a lock on it, scan the QR code to check its availability, and if it's free, you can register it.