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Professor for International University

Oct 23, 2018

Want to teach in China while learning culture/language and time to travel?

We are hiring 40+ teachers. Academics in Asia (AIA) is the exclusive recruiting branch of Sias International

University (Sias)! Sias employs the most foreign faculty of any school in China with 130

foreign faculty and 50 dependent spouses and children. Sias is taking applications now for ESL and

Business teachers who would teach from mid-August to mid-June every year. Sias hires 35-45 teachers

every year and refer out 30 more teachers every year to partner schools throughout Asia.

Jobs offer 2-3 months holiday to explore Asia! The holidays are a week in Fall and Spring, 5-7 weeks

long in the Winter and 8 weeks off during the Summer. Get to know us through this intro video:

Watch Intro Video:

DEADLINE: Please apply by May 1. If you apply before February 1st you will be considered for our

first round of hiring offers.

Oral English Job Openings:

Approximately 55 of our 132 foreign faculty teach Oral English classes which are offered for Freshman

and Sophomores. Every year we hire about 20 new Oral English Faculty. If you come with a

spouse, he/she may be able to teach one of these classes. Families encouraged to join our faculty!

We have 11 families on staff with children. Learn more:

Academics Course Openings:

We are looking to hire 10 qualified Business background teachers. Masters Degree or 4+ years of

business experience preferred. Higher salary for higher degrees. See full list of openings here:

We are HIRING!

Sias International University


• Bachelor degree or higher preferred.

• Teaching experience preferred (if you have less than 2-years teaching experience you will need a

TEFL certificate).

• Approved TEFL or similar certificates preferred.

• We give preference to those with international experience, have a history of being a role-model to

students, and are patient and flexible when cultural differences create tension or strain.

New employees need to be between 21-64 years old


• Airfare to China

• Return Airfare - with completed one year contract

• Medical Care Allowance

• Accident Insurance

• Private Apartment:

• Internet and Utilities Paid

• Three Free Western Meals Per Day:

• Free Weekend Trips:

• Paid Winter Holiday (7-8 weeks of paid holiday during term)

• Option to sign a 3-year contract providing an extra 2 months paid summer holiday.

• Free Chinese Lessons

Student Loan Deferment Advice

• Starting salaries range from 4500 - 6500 RMB ($650-900) a month depending on degree attained

and other factors, with annual raises. (In 10 months it’s possible to save $3000 USD). Use this tool to

estimate your savings:

Yearly Openings:

• 10 Academic Professors [topics to teach: Cross-Cultural Communication, English Composition,

Marketing, Finance, International Trade, Communication, Management]

• 20 Oral English Teachers:

• 5 Kindergarten & Elementary Teachers

• 1 Resident Nurse and Nurse ESL Instructor:


• 20+ Partner School English Teachers (English degree not required) [40 Fall Openings at 8


Faculty Demographics:

We have 130 Foreign faculty teachers and 11 Foreign Administrators and 50 dependents (children

and non-working spouses). 22 Families, 10 couples without children and about 70 single teachers.

80% of foreign community are Americans and the rest are Canadian, Filipino, Indian, Jamaican, Hong

Kong, Russian, Japanese, Mexican, Korean and German. See pictures and learn about how much

money you can save:

Housing: See pictures:

Food: Cooks trained by Western Chef for foreign faculty:

Sias International Campus: See Pictures of the Sias Campus: for stories, pictures and testimonies from current faculty. to join an incoming teacher group to learn from our team. to hear stories from our teachers and students.


If interested, please send your updated resume to Schools will want to

a copy of your passport, diploma and certificate. To apply, go to

It is best to apply before March 5th but we often consider applicants through April. The earlier

you apply the more likely you will get a job offer.


Receive the AIA Jobs Update Alerts:

About Us: is the foreign faculty recruiting branch for Sias International University (SIAS),

the first American-owned university in Central China. SIAS has 130 foreign faculty and each year employs

40-50 new faculty. This is the third year AIA is referring teachers to 10+ partner schools. Our

goal is to provide the best orientation and cultural experience for foreign teachers to benefit both the

teacher and the students. This includes new teacher orientation at SIAS for all the partner schools

and pre-arrival culture training called Long-term Impact Training (LIT). Learn more at www.academicsinasia.

com and our partner school openings at

Sias University Contacts:

Aaron Vorbau

(The first point of contact for jobs at Sias or

Partner Schools. Send Aaron your application/

resume here.)

Coordinator of Foreign Faculty Recruitment

US: 209-877-SIAS(7427)

SKYPE: academicsinasia


Eric Valdois

(Contact for the visa paperwork process)

Coordinator of Foreign Faculty Operations

China Office: +86 371-6260-0860 ext. 5860


Claudia Yim

(Contact for questions regarding Academic

course content and class schedule)

Foreign Faculty Academic Coordinator


Greg Fennell

(Contact for questions regarding interviewing)

Faculty Placement Liaison


Lindsey Solterbeck

(Contact about teaching Oral English)

Freshman Oral English Team Leader


Katie Lucio

(Contact about teaching Oral English, orientation

or curriculum)

TEFL Trainer


Jessica Billinger

(Contact about teaching K-12 classes or about

raising children at Sias)

Primary School Team Leader


Gary L. Todd, Ph.D.

(Contact if you have questions about historical

significance of location of Sias University or

about contracts for Ph.D professors).

Professor of History (Chinese History)



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