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Journalism Internship

Oct 18, 2018


Good afternoon,


The C.A. MacLean Foundation in conjunction with the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association will be introducing an internship program for students looking to broaden their horizons in the newspaper industry. After a successful first couple of years, we are hoping to continue to expand our reach and garner even more student interest in this highly beneficial program. We are reaching out to schools across Alberta in hopes that they can assist us in getting this information out to their students for consideration, whether that be posting the brochure/application form to an internal bulletin board, sharing the link to the Internship Program on our website, or sharing the information with a student or instructor you may think would be interested. Any support with this would be greatly appreciated as we are hoping to reach as many students as possible to give them the opportunity to apply.


For the 2019 program year, the C.A. MacLean Foundation is sponsoring eight minimum ten-week internships during the summer of 2019 for journalism students. The internship program will allow students to learn first-hand the importance of community journalism, having them work alongside the editors, reporters and photographers of the community newspapers in Alberta or Northwest Territories. It is the foundation’s hope that this inaugural program will carry-over and become an annual sponsorship, helping to cultivate the next generation of great journalists.


Students do not have to be a journalism or communications major to be eligible, though first consideration will be given to those academic streams. Students should be completing their first year of post-secondary education at minimum in order to be deemed eligible for the funded program. An application form must be completed in full and include both the student’s resume (referencing any part time work, internships, activities, scholarships/awards) and samples of work. Completion of the form and additional information does not constitute an application of acceptances into this program.



Attached is a pdf of our brochure with further information on the program, along with the student application form. All of the information regarding the internship program can also be found on our website at



We hope you can pass this information and application along to your students for consideration; the student application deadline is Thursday, January 31, 2019.



If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us.



I am looking to mail out some hard copies of the student brochure as well, so if you could please confirm the contact name and address you would like them to be sent to it would be greatly appreciated.




Thank-you for any assistance with spreading the word to the students.



Allana Bridgewater

Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association

C.A. MacLeans Interim Internship Program Coordinator

P: 780-434-8746 ext 214

F: 780-430-5380


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